Office Chair Debacle

Hey guys!!!!  I obviously don’t have much time to write posts but I did want everyone’s opinion on which desk chair I should buy.  I’ve been using a dining room chair as a place holder for FAR too long.  I have to drag it back and forth (which is a first world problem, I know) and it’s not that comfy all day either.

At first, I didn’t want wheels because that wasn’t “chic” and “stylish”… but then I remembered that I have a baby.  And wheels means I can whip around and see what’s going on a lot faster than no wheels.  So, I’m getting an office chair that rolls… on wheels.

I put together a little mood board of the options I’m looking at.  They are all adjustable in height and also offer free shipping.  The best part is that all of them are under $200.  I put a picture of my desk on the moodboard as well.  Just a little note to hopefully make your choice easier: 1) there are floor length, dark grey/navy curtains just to the right of my desk, 2) my desk is just behind the living room area, like still in the living room but sort of seperated and 3) also to the right of my desk is one of our leather living rooms chairs, which is a nice rich, camel color.

I say all of that to let you know that there is a lot of “heavy” around my desk which is why I’m leaning towards something lighter in color for my office chair.  And btw, the desk isn’t as gray in real life.  It’s got more of a warm tone to it than the photo portrays.  So here’s the moodboard:

chair options

Really and truthfully, I’m having a very hard time deciding, which means I kind of like them all.  But who needs 5 desks chairs?  Not I!  So, weigh in for me and leave some feedback.  I’d appreciate it!  I’m off to change a very stinky diaper… I wish I was joking… but I’m not.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Office Chair Debacle

  1. Hi Ros! I like the two in the middle. Personally, with a baby boy in the house, I’d avoid white. I’m sure you wish you could “test” them all for comfort, back support, etc. Thr way it sits would be the deciding factor for me. Good luck with your decision! Love you, Mom

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