Felted Wool

Normally when I think of wool, I think of being warm but also being a bit itchy.  You know those green army blankets that are made of wool?  They are super warm but not so soft and snuggly… am I right?  But now, my feelings for wool have changed.  And for the better!

J.C. and I have talked about painting the exterior of our house, which is brick (enter huge gasp) since day one.  The color of the brick isn’t necessarily our style and when something doesn’t feel right to you, what does the average human want to do?!  Change it!  And change we shall.  Here’s how she looked last time you saw her… in this post:


The only changes to this pic are that now ALL of the bushes are gone.  Like zip, zilch, zero, none.  And as soon as we did it, we both stepped back and smiled.  Now when you pull up to our house or just drive by, you can actually see the house.  And the both of us think it makes the house look a little bigger.  We have plans for some landscaping down the road, but that will probably have to wait until next summer.  Let’s get back on track shall we?!

Sherwin Williams is where we buy every bit of our paint.  For rental properties, house flipping, interior, exterior, EVERYTHING!  They have amazing colors, really good customer service and run sweet deals all of the time.  Just recently they had all of their paints marked 30% off so I started putting pin to paper paint to brick to see if I could find the perfect color for our exterior.

I started off with At Ease Soldier.


I liked it but I felt like it might be a little too boring.  It was nice but didn’t make me squeal with excitement.  Plus it seemed a smidge light, so we decided to try something a little different.

Next up was Connected Gray.


Don’t let them name fool you… there was nothing gray about it.  It was more of a true army green to me than anything else.  It was alright but really a little more green than I was hoping for.  J.C. seemed to like it a good bit, but I think that was only because he was comparing it to the previous color that we weren’t so in love with.

We have a little pump house… remember?  I posted about it here.  Every time I tried a color on the brick, I also painted a swatch on the pump house (well except for the At Ease Soldier).  Why you ask?  Because I want it to be the same color as the house.  The Connected Gray was not doing it for me AT.ALL on the pump house so it was officially a bust.

Next up was Oyster Bay.


Does that ring a bell anyone?  Yes, no, maybe?!  It is the color that I painted our shutters out front (well two of the four anyways)  Ooppss.  You can read all about why only two of them were painted and see that color here.

I figured if I liked it on the shutters (and since I had some left in the paint can), I might as well try it out.  It looked really nice on the pump house but was SO wrong on the brick.  It looks like a dirty white with a green tinge.  Bleh… no thanks!

At this point, I was feeling a little hopeless.  And J.C. was starting to ask how much dough I had spent on the samples. HA!  I told him not near as much money as us painting the house a color I absolutely hated and then having to do it all over again, dear.  I think he said something about me probably being right.  🙂

So, back to Sherwin Williams I went.  This time instead of picking colors out of the green family (we are looking for a greenish-grayish) color, I went to the grays.  I brought home about 3,712,904 samples and we finally narrowed it down to Intellectual Gray, which is a gorgeous gray with slight green undertones.


I went back to Sherwin Williams (how many trips is that so far?) and got the sample.  I couldn’t wait to get some on the brick.  I could tell as soon as I put it on the house and another swatch on the pump house that we were getting warmer.  Letting it dry gave us a truer feel of how it would look.  I told J.C. that this was really close but we should probably try the next color down.  Just one shade darker…

And voila!  Magic!  Slam dunk baby!  We found a winner in Felted Wool.


It looks amazing on the brick, awesome on the pump house and will set our house apart from all of the other 1970s ranch style brick homes in the world.  I’m so stoked about getting this bad boy painted that I can hardly stand it.  Here it is on the house and pump house (keep in mind the brick is basically and the pump house is basically white so the same color looks totally different):


So, our plan is to paint this fall.  After it cools down a smidge but before it’s freezing cold.  Oh and just in case you are wondering, my definition of freezing cold is anything below 60 degrees.  Call me a whimp, I don’t care.  I wasn’t made for cold weather.  Also, we need to beat duck season.  My husband loves to duck hunt on Saturdays so we need to at least be started before that gets going, which is normally around the 3rd weekend of November.  I already have our amazing babysitter booked for next weekend so that we can do the prep work (prep work is the WORST – but necessary).

We still need to pick a color for the siding, which is on the eaves of the house as well as under the carport and the fascia.  I’m going to make my life a lot easier and pick a color that is on the same swatch as Felted Wool.  So, it will be in the same family… just lighter.  Here are my options:

amazing-gray      wordly-gray

I have no clue which one it will be.  I’ll more than likely have to go get a test pot (or two).  The good thing is, I only have two options, which will make my life much easier.  I like easier!  So, this post is already over 1,100 words, which seems really long.  I need to wrap this thang up!  Let me know what you think of our Felted Wool.  And if you are free anytime between now and duck season, we could use a extra set of hands!




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