Rug Round Up

Hello there!  Hope your day is going well.  I have had a very productive day today so I figured I’d be a little more productive by writing a post.  My best friend and her husband just recently bought a new-to-them house and are renovating it… from top to bottom.  They’re doing EVERYTHING!  I feel like I’ve been there and done that before.  Oh wait, we have done that before. HA!

Anyways, she basically has me on retainer as her interior designer.  Weird thing is though, she still hasn’t paid me 🙂  But even so, I’m still “working” for her.  She messaged me the other day and asked me to help her find rugs for her girls rooms that would – 1) stand up to kids and 2) look timeless.  Both of those are very important.  Oh and they are doing a lot of their buying at Home Depot, so she told me the more options I could find there, the merrier she’d be.

Buying a nice rug is like buying a good bra… it’s going to be an investment.  Rugs aren’t something that most* people buy new every week.  I would think it’s safe to say that when people buy rugs, they keep them for a while or rotate them between rooms.  So, spending a little dough on a rug isn’t so bad when you realize that you’ll be getting some really good use out of it.

So one of the bedrooms has aqua, orange, white, and grays while the other room has pink and blue.  I figured that we didn’t need to choose something that would clash with other patterns she may be using in their rooms so here is what I come up with…

For the aqua/orange/white/gray room:

safavieh boston orange rug

Isn’t she pretty?  It’s low pile so it would be super easy to run the vacuum over.  It does have a pattern but it would play very well with other patterns/materials in the room.  The 8 x 10 cost about $285, which is a really good price for a larger rug.  And the brand is Safavieh.  We have a couple of their rugs and have been very pleased.  This one is a winner in my book!  (P.S.  My blog is just like before.  You can click on the picture and it will take you straight to the site I found it on for more info, details, pricing, etc.)

vintage rug

Isn’t it lovely?  I just adore the vintage look and pretty colors.  I think this would be timeless and could definitely “grow” with her little girl.  The brand is nuLoom and for a 8 x 10 it’s about $270, just a smidge less than the other one.  (Sorry for the crummy picture.  That’s the best I could get off of the website.)

And for the pink and blue room:

vintage rug blue

Well look at that!  It’s the same rug from above… just blue.  I fall pretty hard for a “vintage look” rug so these had me at hello FOR SURE!  It the same price as the orange, $270 for an 8 x 10.

shag blue

Because what little girl doesn’t want a thicky, shaggy blue rug in her room?  My niece would freak over this rug so I’m assuming that every other little girl would too!  The brand is Safavieh… but this time it’s a little more expensive – $335 for a 8.5 x 12.  That is a little bigger than the others so the price might be justified.

I know that’s only two options for each room, but that’s how my BFF rolls.  She wants me to pick a few that I think would be great and then she’ll pick from those.  I like to make people’s lives easier so this was truly my pleasure.  And who doesn’t like looking at pretty rugs?!

I’m not sure if she is going with any of these 4 options, but I thought a post like this might help some of my other readers.  Choosing a rug can be overwhelming because there are SO many different ones out there.  Short or low pile, patterned or solid, natural or synthetic fiber, etc., etc., etc.!?  HELP!

I do have one last bit of advice… make sure the rug is the right fit.  Obviously a rug that’s too big for a room just won’t fit.  And a rug too small will make everything seem out of balance and wonky.  If you are wondering how big (or small) of a rug you should purchase, jump on Pinterest and type in “area rug size guide”.  There are all sorts of guides to help you make a decision!







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