Texture is Everything

Texture.  It can make or break a room.  A room without any texture tends to feel cold and sterile.  A room with texture should feel warm and inviting.  I don’t know about you, but I think the only rooms that should be cold and sterile are at the doctor’s office.

There are many ways to add texture to rooms.  The flooring, wall treatments, moldings and trim, curtains, decor, rugs, etc.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be costly either to make an impact.  Materials that are hairy or rough or bumpy can add in texture.  And no, I’m not referring to your husband’s backside.  His hairy, rough, and bumpy rear end doesn’t count as “free” texture in your home.  Got me?!

Here are a few pictures of rooms I think personally think could use a little more texture:

I’m sure they styled it like this purposefully for the photo shoot; however, this room doesn’t have much texture at all.  The floors are helping some but not enough.  A vase of flowers on the counter and maybe a colorful runner rug would help this space tremendously.

Oh my goodness does this bathroom need some texture.  I know that modern is some people’s preference but this is just too much!!  I personally would like to see a stack of rolled towels on the tub deck along with a warm, wooden picture frame.  That would bring this space to life.

Now, let me show you two images that I love and think have tons of texture, which in my book,  equals tons of character.

This may be one of my favorite living rooms of all time.  We have leather chairs a lot like those in our living room so I hope that one day our space can be just as inviting.  But let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  From the antlers hanging on the wall, to the braided basket sitting on the floor, to the leather chairs, to the colorful rug, and the fun artwork (on an easel), there is texture everywhere.  I just cannot get enough!!

Then there’s this room:

Think about how boring this room would be without the green throw pillows and chair, the plant and woven basket on the nightstand,  and the small artwork on the wall.  Those details were probably added for not much money but made a huge impact in this room.

It seems that just about every room in our still-new-to-us-newly-remodeled house could use a lot more texture… and believe me I’m working on it.  If you don’t believe me, just ask my husband.  I’ve got new projects that I need his help with all the time.

Recently I ordered a rug from Joss and Main and bought two baskets from T.J. Maxx for our front bathroom.  The “texture” instantly warmed the room up.  Here’s the before and after… just with the rug and baskets added in:

There isn’t a huge difference, but with just a fun and colorful rug and those baskets, the room instantly felt warmer.  To see those baskets under the sinks makes me want to find a pretty bamboo roman shade for this room REALLY bad.  We have them in the living room and our bedroom and LOVE them.

The weather has sort of been cruddy here so if I tried to take a decent picture, I couldn’t get one.  Once the sun comes out again, I’ll snap a shot of some of the other “texture” that we’ve added.  I can’t wait for you too see it… and to see what you think.  Here’s a little sneak peak to tide you over…

Eekkkk!!  So, tell me… are you a person who loves texture?  Is your home lacking texture or full of it?  Leave a comment to tell me what type of texture you want to add to a certain room in your house.  Our master bedroom is begging for a new headboard (which we have all the materials for).  Once we get it done, that will definitely be adding texture… and comfort  🙂



2 thoughts on “Texture is Everything

  1. I love texture! I like it in a clean, minimalistic way, which may sound like an oxymoron, but I try to make it work that way. I like my texture in throw pillows and wall art, and maybe some throw blankets. I like my furniture to have clean lines. But I definitely prefer texture over bland and cold rooms!

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