More Wacking

Sometimes in life, people agree on things… and sometimes they don’t.  Here’s the deal, J.C. and I definitely agree on one thing- we don’t like a lot of bushes.  The end.

If you will recall, we already “wacked” every single bush on the south side of the house, next to our driveway.  We haven’t replaced them with anything… it’s just blank over there. At this point, we like the blank look more than the over grown bushes look. That was the time we hauled the rubble off with a boat. Remember that? It was quite the scene. Make sure you read that post. You are welcome for the free entertainment!!

But, let’s start at the VERY beginning shall we??  I wish I had a better quality photo of the front of our house but this is how it looked when we bought it.


Then I painted four of the eight shutters in Oyster Bay by SW.  We love the color!  The problem was, those bushes were so overgrown that I couldn’t get to the other ones.  So, I just left them alone.  That was months ago.  Last September, we moved out of the house to have the inside redone (sheetrock, mini kitchen makeover, bathrooms, etc.).  We moved back in on December 26th, which means it was too cold.  Then I was pregnant for another 7.5 months.  So, once I had the baby I was ITCHING to do something outside.  Those bushes on the front side of the house were my target.

Here is where we are now:

Can you tell a difference?  I sure can!  When J.C. got home from work, he immediately noticed and said how much better it looked already.  We also added dirt to this small area between the sidewalk and house.

Every time it rained last winter and spring, it ended up looking like a small pond… right outside our front door.  So, the dirt was much-needed and appreciated.  Yes, I am thankful for dirt… and many other things.  I also cleaned out this flower bed, which I hadn’t done since we’ve owned this property (2 years next month).

It had the black plastic border around it.  We pulled that up and I raked everything out of there.  It’s blank looking now, but it’s a lot better than before.

Now we are really looking forward to making some landscaping and exterior changes to the house… paint the brick, new wooden shutters, wooden columns, and much more!  All of that will come in time but I’m so glad I trimmed the bushes and got rid of some others.  I can actually see our house now.  And if I wanted to, I could paint the remaining shutters without getting attacked by a bush.  Maybe I’ll add that to my November hopes?!  We’ll see… just don’t hold your breath.

Well, I know this was a short post and a quick and easy update, but sometimes those are the best kind.  A little one-on-one time with the loppers and a whole lotta sweat gave us some major results.  We hope to have all of the unwanted bushes/shrubs removed before next spring/summer so that we can make plans to add other plants… the kinds we like!

2 thoughts on “More Wacking

  1. Good post! Yep, maintaining a house is a journey not a destination. Or as a neighbor told us last week, it’s a marathon- not a sprint. Any way you phrase it, there’s always something to do, change, update, paint etc. And when you get every room done, guess what? Time to start ba ck over on the first room lol. Your house looked great at the family lunch. Love you, mom

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