September Hopes Update

HOW ARE YOU?  It’s a different day, but the same tune.  Hands on mommy to an almost 3 month old + career change + not having more than 5 hours of sleep at a time for the last 12 weeks = not the best blogger.  But I’ve missed checking in with you guys and had a little free time so here we are.

I’ll just be straight up… our September hopes were not accomplished in the month of September.  There were only three and we still failed miserably.

1. Hang artwork in the laundry room-  This so didn’t happen in September… but we did get it done within the first two weeks of October.  Does that count?  Remember this window turned mirror from our old house that caught fire in February ’13?


We hung it up on a tall, skinny wall with this watercolor over it-


If you don’t remember these “works of art” or weren’t around then, just click here and/or here.  I’ll try to take pictures soon and show you the progress.

2. Hang curtains in the living room-  Again, we did not accomplish this hope in September, but got them hung up the same day as the art above.  Want to know why we got so much done?  Because we were having our first get-together at our place since we’ve lived here.  Let’s just say it lit a fire under our rear.  But just an imaginary fire.  Not the real thang.  Been there, done that, no fun!!  And again, I don’t have a picture but this is what our living room looked like last time I blogged about it.  So so so much has changed… cannot.wait. to show you!!  New throw pillows, artwork, curtains, accents, recessed lights, etc.!  It actually looks like someone lives here now… instead of a furniture showroom.


3. Install shoe unit in the closet-  Didn’t happen.  Not even close.  No excuses, we just didn’t get it done.  Oh well.

Well, seeing that I’m just getting around to telling you how miserably we failed in September and the fact that it’s the 15th of the month, I’m not setting October hopes… not officially anyways.  We’ve gotten a lot done lately so I guess I don’t need to write things down?!  Seems like when I put the slightest pressure on myself to get something done in a certain month, it doesn’t happen.  Every October I have the same hope… just get the personal property taxes paid on time.  I put them in the mail on Tuesday, so that means I’m ON THE BALL!!!  Maybe I’ll be back on the wagon in November… maybe not… we’ll see!

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