Keeping My Promise

Well good morning!!  How are ya?  We are great over here.  Today I’m back with some front bathroom updates… just as I promised the other day.  One of our August Hopes was to install the sconces and mirrors in the front bathroom.  Thanks to my handy husband, we (mostly J.C.) got it done!!

Here was the original mood board for the front bathroom.


Basically, everything stayed the same.  I decided not to add mirrors to the built-in’s cabinet doors, but other than that,  we stuck to the plan.  Many moons ago I ordered three of these lights and two of these mirrors.  My plan was to install like this.


But my plan failed.  Some how, I didn’t measure correctly.  With the width of the mirrors and normalish spacing, there just wasn’t enough room for this setup.  So, we switched gears and decided to place a sconce (facing downward) above each mirror.  This wasn’t my first choice because I had read that downward lighting casts shadows, but if we wanted to use these sconces, it was our only choice.  And I’m pleased with the way it all turned out in the end.  P.S. Want to know a little secret?  One of the sconces was broken during the time our contractors were here, so I only had two good ones to work with anyways.  Guess it was just meant to be!

Ok, enough small talk… let’s get to the good stuff- photos.  I didn’t take any in progress pictures because hanging mirrors and light fixtures isn’t that exciting.  Here’s the final product:

And with the lights on…

And a few other angles:

Doesn’t it look great??  I’ll add that this room, along with almost every other room in our house, is lacking in the decor/art department.  This definitely leads to a lack of character, but I promise that I’ll add things over time to make it “ours.”

As you can see in the reflection of the mirror, our door less built-ins are still filled with tools, supplies, etc. and also need to be painted.

I’ll get to that… eventually… I think?!  But I can’t get down on myself too much.  After all, this is where we came from.


Well, what do you think about the transformation??  I’m pretty proud of how far this room has come.  I can’t wait to see it with artwork and accessories.  Speaking of, I ordered this rug off of Joss and Main last week for the bathroom.

safavieh rosalind rug

It should arrive today so we will see if it looks good in the space or not.  I had seen it before but didn’t think I had spot for it.  Now that the bathroom is coming together, I realized I might could use it in here.  The bathroom needs a long rug to run in front of the vanity AND the shower.  It’s from Safavieh and is called the Rosalind Rug… what are the odds???  It was a sign that I needed to buy it, especially for $30.95.

Truthfully, we don’t use this bathroom near as much as our master bathroom (except to shower); however, I’m so glad we are much closer to having this room “finished.”  Leave me a comment below to tell me how you think I should decorate this room.  Add in pops of color?  Keep things cool and serene by using more blues, grays, whites, etc.?  I can see it going both ways, so I definitely need your help deciding!


One thought on “Keeping My Promise

  1. Well, since this is ‘my’ bathroom and I was the inspiration for hanging the door and the curtain, I’d like to suggest adding something candy apple red!!! Red pops with white, gray and blacks are spectacular! Love the mirrors!
    PS : Clear Jackson’s holding and sugar-giving calendar for this weekend because I’m exclusively booking the whole weekend 🙂 Love, Mom

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