September Hopes

My oh my how time flies.  I just want it to slow down a little bit.  Before we know it, Christmas will be upon us.  And then I’ll have a 6 month old.  Ok, it’s now time for me to go lock myself in a closet and cry.  I don’t want him to grow up so fast.  But let’s not start the day off sad.  Here’s a really cute picture of him to cheer us all up…

























Dreamy, right?  Well, as always, we are back with some items that we hope to scratch off of our to-do list.  They are just hopes.  We “hope” to accomplish them but aren’t too hard on ourselves when we fail.  Since we still have a small child and it’s almost impossible to get anything of any magnitude done (sorry little guy), we are only setting 3 hopes for the month of September.  Maybe we will shoot for 5 again in October… or maybe I’m delusional?  Let’s do this thang!

1. Hang artwork in the laundry room-  I have 4 pieces that I’m thinking of using in there.  Just need to make a final decision and see what J.C. thinks too.  Once we decide, we need to have an install.  Go ahead and start a prayer chain now because I’m pretty picky about hanging stuff and he gets all worked up about where the studs are and it’s usually like a three ring circus where somebody gets their feelings hurt (somebody being me because I couldn’t get my way about one thing or another).  #itsthetruth


Remember this poster?  It was probably the first thing I bought for our house and featured in one of my very first posts.  And I started this blog about a year and a half ago… and it still isn’t up.  So yeah, it’s time!

2. Hang curtains in the living room-  I’m trying to pick tasks that use the same tools- a tape measure and J.C.’s drill.  That way when he has it out I can be all like, “hey, why don’t we do this since your drill is charged and all…”  Sneaky!!  Yeah, if you’ll remember we hung these curtains in our master bedroom.


We liked them so much that while I was in Dallas I picked up 4 more panels for the living room windows.  I recently gave the other end of the living room a little love, so this end is feeling sort of neglected. Time to share the love.

3. Install shoe unit in the closet-  As I mentioned the other day, I organized our closet a bit and tidied things up.  But the problem is, all of my beloved shoes are on the floor taking up valuable real estate and collecting dust bunnies.  I NEED them off the floor pronto.

See what I mean?  J.C. already told me that whipping a shoe cabinet up would be a breeze.  We shall see about that.  Might cause WW3.  Like I said, two words, 1. prayer 2. chain.  I always think I’m helping but I’m really just making matters worse.  If you’re reading this, sorry babe!

So, wish us luck please!! I really like accomplishing these hopes. It makes me feel, well, accomplished. Please tell me that you are going to join me and set some hopes for yourself as well?! Fall is upon us, maybe you should do a little preparing or decorating! When you do, send me a pic and I’ll put it up on my Facebook page- you can find me at R Squared Interiors. Until next time!

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