August Hopes Update

Hey all!  Can you believe it’s September already?!  I can’t really.  Our little guy will be 8 weeks old on Saturday and my big guy turns 29!  We will have to do something special to celebrate.  Anyways, I’m back with a bit of an update on our August hopes.  It wasn’t a huge success but I spent lots of quality time with Jackson, so in the end, that’s all that really matters.  Normally, we set 5 hopes; however, for August I knew there would be less time to accomplish things with a newborn so we settled on three.  Here goes!

1. Hang patio lights-  So this was basically a flop. Guess what though?!  I went to the shop and got the box of lights and brought them inside… but never got them installed.  Oh well!!  There’s always this month… or next year… or when I’m dead.  But here’s a pretty picture of somebody that did put their lights up.  Maybe it will make me feel better about mine not being up yet?

2. Stain master bathroom door- I’ve already started this project but have yet to finish it.  We will say I’m about 50% of the way through.  All of those little louvers are really persnickety to stain.  I just need to buckle down and get it done!!  If you’ll remember, we are using this photo as inspiration (and placing it on a barn door track as well).  The door will separate our master bedroom from the master bathroom.

louvered doors

(Source Ashley Gilbreath)

I’m staining it darker so that there will be some contrast between the door and flooring as well as the wall color.  We’ll be using a handle that I found at an antique store that’s going to look fabulous on it.

3. Hang mirrors and install the sconces in front bathroom-  Yes, we finished this task.  Woo hoo!!  I still need to clean off the counter top and take pics but it’s done.  I’ll post about it soon, I promise.  And a big thanks to my hubby because he had to do most of it by himself, while I was rocking a sweet little baby. 🙂

It’s a REALLY good thing that these hopes are just that, tasks we hope to get accomplished.  Otherwise, we’d be in lots of trouble.  Did you have any tasks or to-dos that you hoped to accomplish in the month of August?  Did you fail or prevail?  I guess we did fair?!  I’ll be back soon with some September hopes as well as a bathroom post (like I promised) and “hopefully” a sneak peek of some things I’ve been doing outside.  Talk to ya soon!!

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