Living Room Love

Afternoon all!!  How was your weekend??!!  Ours was great.  My oldest brother was in town. He and his wife stayed with us and got to spend some time with the baby.  Jackson also made his first appearance at church on Sunday.  We also went to eat lunch with daddy in the Delta yesterday.  I guess you could say it was a big couple of days for him.  Oh and guess who turned a month old today?!  Here’s his 4 week pics:

Anyways, on Friday evening J.C. had to work late so while the baby was peacefully sleeping I had a little fun.  It seems like every room in our house could use a lot of loving but the living room seemed like the easiest one to tackle.

You may or may not remember but we bought this foyer table at World Market to use in our living room, just right inside the front door.

everett table

We get compliments on it all the time and I absolutely love it!  It’s been sitting on the wrong wall of the living room for some time now, so I was on a quest to put it in the right spot and style it to perfection!

Here’s what I ended up with.

The wide shot is really blurry for some reason so I zoomed in on everything so you could see what was going on.

The framed wildlife posters were a Christmas gift from J.C.’s aunt and uncle a couple of years ago. They actually somehow survived our previous house fire.  We are both into the outdoors and live out in the country, so I think they are very fitting.

Speaking of Christmas presents, the framed burlap chalkboard, pictures of Scooter and our neice, and the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Country Living book were all presents we received or gave each other for Christmas this past year.  That book is so awesome.  I got it for J.C. but I even enjoy thumbing through it.

The framed fern and stack of books are thrift store finds.  Those are my favs!!  I found the flower candle holder and silver suitcase as TJ Maxx, the greatest store of all time.  The magazine holder came from the Container Store.

The sweet little bunny rabbit (well he isn’t so little but we wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings by calling him chubby) came from a local shop called Carlynne’s.  Also from there is the green vase.  It’s actually a canister we received as a wedding gift but I’m repurposing it.  Thrifty gal!

The “flower” is from an arrangement I received from my coworkers.  And the wooden disc under the green canister (aka- my new vase) is literally from a tree in our yard that we cut down.  Thrifty and resourceful!!  Who doesn’t like free stuff?!

Last but not least is the burlap and leather box.  I found it at Ross and had to have it for two reasons- 1. it has a bee on it and 2. the city we live in is Crossett and it says Crossettes.  Close enough, right?!  It’s actually the only item of décor on the table that I’m making useful.  Between a house warming shower and baby showers, I’ve accumulated lots and lots of gift bags and tissue paper.  I’m storing all of it in here because it was the perfect size… and because I’m usually throwing the gift in a bag as we are running out the door. #truestory #donthate

I know it’s not much, but having this table styled means a lot for me.  Our house still isn’t that cozy so every time I add something here or there, it helps!  I follow a blog called Housetweaking and her motto is “because home doesn’t happen overnight”… and she’s so right.  With time and love, this house will eventually feel like a cozy home.

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