Soft Scrub

You guys… I’m so obsessed with this stuff that it should be illegal.  When we first bought our kitchen sink from Signature Hardware, I worried it would be hard to keep clean.  Or maybe that I would need a special, expensive cleaner to keep our fireclay sink looking spotless.  Well, I was wrong!  Let me introduce you to a magical cleaner:

Comet Soft Cleanser with bleach is where it’s at folks.  Andrea from (a blog I follow) installed a sink in her home very similar to ours and suggested cleaning it with this product.  I figured if she had used it and it worked, why try to fix something that wasn’t broken?!  So, I marched drove to Wal-Mart and got some for myself.  The first time I used it, I was beyond impressed… and continue to be every time I have to drag it out.

Here’s the culprit…

Did you know that when you have a white sink, it gets really dirty REALLY quickly?!  True story.  And the stains that you’d miss on a stainless sink seem to show up on the white sink.  So, I have to clean it pretty often.  I don’t mind at all because I simply love our sink… plus this cleaner makes cleaning it a total breeze.

I just use a little bit and go to town with the the scrubby brush.

And yes, that does happen to say “I ♥ JC”… sorry, not sorry!  Here it is mid scrub:

Already so much better, right??  And here’s the final, sparkling clean sink…

I mean, come on!  Doesn’t it look a million times better?  And it seriously takes little to no effort because of the small amount of abrasive scrub.  And not only does it work well on this sink, but it kicks butt on soap scum in a bathtub.  I use it all of the time in there as well.

When we had our flooring installed, somehow there was a big stain that we found and I immediately panicked.  I pulled out a Magic Eraser and the stain wasn’t budging… like not at all.  Since our flooring is waterproof, I decided to get the Comet Soft Cleaner and a little water.  Some good elbow grease and a few minutes later and the very stubborn stain was gone.  You seriously can’t even tell it was there.

So, what is your favorite cleaner?  Got one that works like a charm?  I like to use products that are every day household items, like vinegar, but sometimes you have to pull out the big guns.  And to top it off, this stuff is less than $2.00 and lasts for a really long time.  Promise me something- next time you are uptown, grab a bottle of this stuff.  Then, go home and find something dirty… and clean your heart out!!!

P.S.  This post is not a paid post to boost Comet.  They haven’t asked me to say nice things about their products… they don’t even know me.  However, if they want to send a lifetime supply of this stuff, I’ll take it.  🙂

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