August Hopes

Hey all!!  As you know, each month we choose 5 hopes… tasks/DIYs we hope to accomplish before the month ends.  I took the month of July off and didn’t have any hopes for that month, except having a happy healthy baby.  Mission accomplished!!  We still got some things done but didn’t want to put any pressure on ourselves with a baby on the way.

It’s a new month now and we have almost 3 week old baby so I’m ready to get back on the wagon… albeit a slower, smaller, less bumpy wagon, but a wagon indeed.  Since J.C. is working crazy long hours and it’s crazy hot outside (and don’t forget to add a newborn to the mix), we are only going to have 3 hopes for August. Here goes…

1. Hang patio lights- I purchased some cafe string lights over a year ago and they have been patiently waiting to be hung. J.C. mentions it often because the patio is now cleaned off and we’d really enjoy using it every blue moon. We’ve only sat our there once in a year and a half… pretty pathetic huh?!  I think these cafe lights will help out!!


2. Stain master bathroom door- I’ve already started this project but have yet to finish it.  Staining is so easy… I just need to buckle down and get it done!!  If you’ll remember, we are using this louvered door and placing it on a barn door track to separate our master bedroom from the master bathroom. I’m staining it darker so that there will be some contrast between the door and flooring and wall color.  I also have an awesome handle that I found at an antique store that’s going to look fabulous on it.


I started out with the light finish on the left but ended up deciding on the dark finish on the right.

3. Hang mirrors and install the sconces in front bathroom- These two tasks will be super easy to accomplish and will make the front bathroom feel less like a construction zone and more like a bathroom.  Right now we have a mirror propped up on the counter and a bulb dangling from a hole in the wall.


It’s very appealing to the eye, no!!!??? Ok, joking aside we needed to get this done, like last week!

Well, for August, that should do it.  I am recovering very well from childbirth and don’t want to overdo it and then regret it later on down the road. I “hope” that my recovery will continue to go well and that with the help of J.C., we can get these August Hopes accomplished.

Do you have any hopes for this month??  Maybe you have kids and they are getting ready to start school soon?!  Your hope might be getting their rooms corralled… or getting them in a routine?  Or since it’s blistering hot outside, maybe your hopes are all indoor hopes?!  If not, they might should be. Weather man says it supposed to get up to 105 and 106 this weekend. I can’t even deal!  Until next time, drink lots of water and don’t burn up!

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