Dear Mom, You’re Welcome

So, I think I’ve made it very clear that my mother is coming to help out after the baby comes.  I’m so glad too!  She moved away about 2 years ago and we both miss her and dad, so it will be good to spend time with her after the baby is born.  Plus, I have never had a baby before and will basically have no clue what I’m doing.  My mother has done it three times over so she should know it all!

We needed to make sure that we had the shower working, a toilet installed, and a handle on the front bathroom door so that she could have a place to “use the facilities.”  Thankfully we got those tasks completed in time.  While in the bathroom the other day, I realized there was something that wasn’t going to work… and would need to be addressed ASAP.

While standing in the shower, you can see out of the bathroom window, which looks out into our backyard.  The shower of course looks like this…

Ok, imagine that you are standing in that shower right now.  Do you see the problem?  The window comes down almost to the tummy area and if you can see out, that means people can also see in.  Yeah, not an issue if it’s just J.C. and me hanging around the house but if there is anybody else there (or if somebody showed up while were showering) somebody is about to get a little peep show.  NO Bueno!!

I am really funny about window treatments.  I actually just would rather not.  Is that weird?  Sometimes I think maybe I used to live in a treehouse in a nudist camp in some sort of past life?!  Ok, all jokes aside, but I don’t have an issue with everything being very open and airy.  Being able to see in and out of the house is what I like.  I don’t like heavy window treatments… or feel like I live at Fort Knox- locked up tight!  But J.C. does like privacy a little more and I figure my mom would appreciate some privacy as well.

So, I started looking for window treatments immediately!  I checked Home Depot and Lowe’s for a bamboo blind that could be cut to fit.  That’s what we used in our master bedroom and our living room… loving both of them!  They had the right widths but the lengths were ranging from 60″ to 72″.  Yeah, that’s like 5 and 6 foot long.  This window is only 3 feet tall, which meant this option was out.

I then scoured the internet for a bamboo blind measuring around 32″ wide (or a little more) and somewhere near 36″ tall.  Apparently they don’t make such a thing… unless it’s custom.  A custom window treatment that small wouldn’t have cost that much money but I knew it would never arrive before our little guy (I’m due in 2 days), so I had to start thinking about other ideas.

While in Wal-Mart I happen to run thru the fabric section just to see if there was any fabric that would coordinate with our front bathroom.  And lo and behold, there was one that would work!  I bought 1.5 yards of the fabric for about $8 and a oil rubbed-bronze tension rod for $5 (I think?!).  I don’t sew but have used Heat Bond tape before (on the Little Pink Tent) and knew it would do the trick.  My plan was to make a little curtain and call it a day!

ran waddled into the bathroom to get the exact measurements of the inside of the window seal.



The curtain would need to be at least 30.5″ wide by 35″ long.  I figured I could get away with making it a little longer and wider but I didn’t want it to be too small… that would have defeated the purpose.  After taking my measurements, I got all of my supplies together and set up a little work station:


Heat Bond- check!  Fabric- check!  Scissors- check!  Tension rod- check!  Iron and ironing board- check!  Scalpel- check!  Ok, just kidding about the scalpel… I just had to throw that in there.  Anyways, I started out by measuring my fabric and making sure that it was long and wide enough to make the curtain the right size and have nice crisp edges.  Speaking of nice crisp edges, I cranked my iron up and made one across the top of the soon to be curtain.

I opened my fold back up and placed the Heat Bond inside…

Then I closed it up and ironed it again.


Doesn’t it look so crisp and clean?  I made sure to put the Heat Bond towards the edge so when the fabric fused together I would still have room for the tension rod.  See, like this:

A tip about the Heat Bond… it says to use a warm iron and press on each section for about three seconds.  I found that high heat and 5 to 8 seconds worked better to make everything fuse just right.  After doing the top, I did the bottom and two sides.  Then I took the tension rod into the bathroom and fit it to the inside of the window.


Now you can see what I mean about being able to see out the window into the backyard, right?  So, I then ran the rod through the top of the curtain and hung that puppy up…


Is it perfect?  No it isn’t.  But will it work?  Yes it will!  Who likes perfection anyways??  You can see that I made it a little longer and wider than need be.  Here’s how it looks in the room as a whole:


Not too bad, huh?  And yes, the vanity is in too!  I need to update you guys on all of that… another day, another post.  Back to the curtain really quick.  It actually helps out during the afternoon with the sun setting in the west.  Here it is opened up:


I personally prefer it opened during the day to let natural light in and like closing it at night, which is normally when we shower.  What’s funny is that my non-nudist camp husband likes it closed all of the time.  Imagine that.  🙂

So, what do you think of our little window treatment?  It was a really quick fix that cost us little money.  I will probably end up getting an actual shade of some sort in the future but for now this works perfectly.  Not really sure what it looks like from the outside of the house… but who cares?  Not me!  As long as people in the yard can’t see naked people in the shower, we are good to go!  Dear Mom, you’re welcome.




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