Cloth Diapering

I mentioned just the other day that J.C. and I would be cloth diapering our baby boy.  Many (and by many I mean most) people look at us like we are 3-eyed unicorns when we tell them that we will be using cloth diapers.  Yes, it may be a strange thing to do, especially where we live, but I wanted to tell you why we chose this method of diapering.  That way, I might can convince you to give it a chance… or at least understand the reasoning behind our decision.  🙂

First off, cloth diapering in the year 2015 is not the same as it was 20, 30, 40 or 50 years ago.  We aren’t going to be using the pack of cloth diapers that you can pick up from Wal-Mart that need those big safety pins to hold them together.  The new and improved cloth diapers are much different than that.  So, if this is what you were thinking of, think again sista!

circa 1945:  Studio portrait of a baby sitting and smiling at the camera. She wears a cloth diaper, and has a stuffed toy by her feet.  (Photo by George/Getty Images)

Even though that baby is super adorable, those cloth diapers don’t look like they are doing much.  But back then (photo taken in the 40s) that’s what they used.  New age cloth diapers look more like this…

fuzzi bunz

Aren’t they cute?  Some people have even said that can’t really tell a difference in the looks of a cloth diaper and a disposable.  We will mainly be using this brand of cloth diapers, FuzziBunz.  I received 12 as a gift from J.C.’s aunt and uncle and have been collecting others over time.  We have not had to purchase one single cloth diaper.  In total, that puts us having somewhere around 30 to 35 cloth diapers.  The suggestion is to have about 24… so I think we will be good.

While we are talking about the diaper themselves, let’s talk price really quick.  They normally run just under $20 a diaper.  Please don’t choke on your donut!  I know that sounds expensive… especially since the recommended minimum is 24 diapers.  We can all do that math and see that comes out to $480.  With a baby on the way, there are many expenses and another $480 ain’t no chump change.  If you think you might be interested in using cloth diapers, just put them on your baby registry.  Or if someone wants to host a baby shower for you, specifically ask for a diaper shower.

Let’s get back to that figure really quick- $480.  It seems like another added expense that most soon-to-be parents aren’t going to want to afford.  But here’s a little infographic showing you the price of disposables from birth to potty training:

diaper costs

Gulp… $480 seems really affordable now doesn’t it?  Of course, with cloth diapering there will be a few expenses that you wouldn’t have with disposables.  For example, you will need to wash and dry the diapers, which leads the possibility of your electricity and water bills being a little higher.  And you also have to use special detergents to make sure your diapers hold up so there’s that cost too.  One other cost that we’ve incurred,  which isn’t a necessity but I’ve heard makes cloth diapering a lot easier, is a diaper sprayer.  I found ours on Zulily for around $35 for shipping and all.  And for now, we are planning on using Nellie’s detergent.  Just the other day I stumbled on a box of it at TJ Maxx for $13.  And that will do about 100 loads.  Oh and one other thing, you’ll need some wet bags.  They are simply bags that zip up that can hold soiled diapers and keep all of the “soil” in the bag until you can wash/dry.

As long as you take good care of your cloth diapers, your children can wear the same ones.  So if and when Jackson has a baby brother or sister, we will use the same cloth diapers we used on Jackson.  A few of the tips that I’ve heard on taking good care of your cloth diapers are:

-Wash/dry every day or every other day… otherwise staining may be more likely to occur

-Dry in the sunshine to help sanitize and deal with stains

-Use the correct type of detergent(s) so that the materials used in the diaper will not be compromised, which would lead to the diaper eventually being useless

And just in case you are wondering about how the diaper works and the features of it, here’s an info graphic that gives details on the actual diapers themselves:

fuzzi bunz info

Well, I won’t keeping blabbing about diapers.  I mean, this isn’t a mom/baby/diaper blog… it’s a house/DIY/home improvement blog.  Sorry if I bored you!  I just know that a lot of people have asked “why” so I figured I’d answer!  Hope you learned something and if you are in the diapering phase of your life, maybe you’ll consider cloth.  Some of you may still be thinking that we are being overzealous or completely out of our minds… and I guess that’s okay.  Once I’ve been cloth diapering for a while and learn a thing or two, I’ll give you an update on how things are going.  Until then, let’s get to washing some diapers baby!!


2 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering

  1. I did the diaper thing with my first child. I used a diaper service. All I had to do is put dirty diapers in a pail and they were picked up weekly. Of course if there was poop in the diaper I would have to simply flush it before putting in pail. Although it was a big money saver, I switch to disposable because cloth iwas inconvenient, smelly, and you change them more often with cloth than disposable. And, I won’t even talk about the mess when they have loose stool! Gross out!!

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