June Hopes Update

Hey guys. I double posted yesterday on accident so I figured I would repost this today too just in case it got lost in transition. Each month, J.C. and I set 5 hopes for the month.  Well, truth be told, I choose them and just inform him along the way.  You are welcome honey!  For June, I wanted to get some things done that would help us be better prepared when baby comes.  Here are the 5 “hopes” that we set for June and how we did:

1.  Finish the nursery-  Yes, we did it!  When I say done, I mean that there is a crib, rug, changing table, finished closet, dresser, and rocker in the room.  We also added some décor and other necessities.  It’s done enough to have a baby.  I’ll be making tweaks here and there and hope to find some energy to take some good photos and post about it soon!!

2.  Make sure both bathrooms have doors-  Uhm… we get a 50% on this one.  Our front bathroom has a door with a handle.  Our back bathroom door (which is louvered and needs staining) is still not done.  But you know what?  It’s not the end of the world.  You can technically shut the door to our bedroom and lock it to have privacy while you are using our master bathroom.  And Momma, you are welcome!!  You can now come help me take care of the baby and have privacy in the bathroom!  🙂


3.  Make sure our walk-in shower and toilet in the front bathroom are operational-  Yes, yes, double yes!  Our INFAMOUS screw came in and J.C. finished up the shower.  It wasn’t without a little drama (water leak) but we prevailed.  Another day, another story!  And two weekends ago, we got the toilet operational.  Woo hoo!


4.  Hook up hot water to washing machine-  J.C. told me the other day that he would turn the hot water on to see if it was going to leak.  Guess what?  He just turned the knob and now we have hot water… and no leaks!  Would have been nice to have known that about 6 months ago.  Oh well!!  We still need to put this pretty little box in, but technically we have hot water coming into the washing machine.

hotcoldwater box

5.  Clean carport/patio area up 1000% percent-  Yes, we cleaned it up a lot.  Is it ready for a beautiful magazine spread?  Unfortunately, no.  But we do have everything off of the sheetrock and it’s ready to be moved.  Baby steps!

patio cleaned up

As crazy as it may sound, we faired better this month than any other month this year.  It may have been because there was a MAJOR sense of urgency- i.e.- a baby is coming!!  I was sho nuff stressing about #s 1-4 but we got them done!  Even though these items are just “hopes” it is always so fulfilling to know that we got them checked off the list.  We may not ever finish this house, but at least we are always trying to make progress, right?!

As for July, we are going to skip out on the “hopes.”  My only hope for July is to have a healthy baby and hopefully an easy birth.  Then I want to come home from the hospital and enjoy our time as a new little family of three!  We want to take it easy and love each other and Jackson and that’s about it.  No lists, no pressure, no to-dos… just be.  I’m SO looking forward to it.  ♥

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