Caulk Talks

So I’ve shared with you guys how much a different a little caulk or silicone can make, but I’ve never dedicated a post to a caulk job.  We did a little crack control on our kitchen sink and I showed you all of that action, but it wasn’t the most exciting post ever.  THIS post… that will be another story.  You’ll get to see the difference that a little caulk can make.  I’m telling ya, caulk talks folks!

We had all of the trim in the house installed by our contractors except in the front bathroom.  Why you ask?  Because the tile floors weren’t laid yet and it only made since to have those installed and then install our baseboards.  So, that’s what we did.  Now, if you have ever installed any type of trim you probably know how frustrating it can be.  There’s all these weird cuts and angles that have to be made and if you are a little short you can end up wasting the whole board.  It’s tricky to say the least.

J.C. made all of the cuts and realized that he was too short or too long here and there.  I told him no worries!  Most of the baseboards in this room will actually be hidden behind a toilet or vanity, but even so with my caulking skills, nobody would EVER know.  And I was right!  Here’s a little proof:









The best way to apply the caulk is from the gun and then smooth it out with a wet finger and paper towel.  I also filled all of the nail holes as well as caulked in between the tile and baseboards in a few spots.  It’s AMAZING at the difference it makes.  And for very little money!  I think it took me all of 30 minutes to caulk this whole room… and that might have had something to do with the fact that I have a pregnant belly.  🙂

A week or so later I got in there and painted the baseboards and did some touch up painting to the walls.  It looks so great.  I think that my favorite before and afters are the little ones like this.  It’s so quick and satisfying to see something go from bad to good!  Now we are one step closer to having the front bathroom completed.  One of our June Hopes was to have the toilet and shower operational as well as a door with a handle.  Done, done, and done baby!  I’ll update you soon on where we are in the front bathroom.  Until then, go find something to caulk!

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