It’s Been Handled

There is a little nook in the nursery that I had a few different ideas about but wanted to make sure of one thing- that we utilized it well.  I didn’t want to just shove something into the corner and call it a day.  I thought about a bench, a play area, built-ins, etc.  Then I remembered that we had a dresser in our shop that just might work.  It was actually a dresser that was J.C.’s when he was a child.  Here’s how the nook looked before we got to work on the room…


And then after we painted…


As you can see, its kind of small (just smaller than 3 foot wide) but pretty deep.  I was worried that the dresser might not fit… and it didn’t.  But you know what?!  That’s never stopped us before.  We ran (well J.C. walked and I waddled) to the shop and measured the dresser.  It needed about a 1/2″ shaved off of each side.  So, we took the saw to it, then sanded it down and put it in the corner.

Is it the dresser that I would have purchased if I could have any dresser in the whole wide world?  Uhm… probably not.  It’s really close in color to the flooring and could use a little TLC; however, it was free so we love it!!  Once we got it in place, we added a little swing arm lamp to the corner and decided to get some updated hardware.  This corner has no overhead lighting so the lamp was absolutely necessary.  New hardware wasn’t necessarily needed, but I wanted to try to change it up a little bit, ya know?

Here’s the before:

These photos turned out pretty grainy.  It’s hard to photograph that dark corner.  Anyways, as you can see, the dresser had the original hardware and one of the handles was barely hanging on by a thread.  While in Monroe for a doctor’s appointment, I ran by Lowe’s and grabbed some new hardware.  I needed 8 handles and 2 knobs.  In total, it cost about $30.00.  Not too bad, right?!

The only tool I needed for this little DIY was a Phillip’s head screwdriver.  I also used a little sanding block and a rag to smooth out a spot or two.  Here’s the handles I chose…

The door handle and curtain rod in the room are both oil rubbed bronze so I figured these would coordinate well.  The knobs are just little mushroom style knobs with the same bronze accents.  I took my screwdriver and removed the screws from the old knobs/handles.

Look at all those sweet little baby socks!!!  Can’t wait to put those to good use.  ♥  Once I got the screws out, I realized that the longer screws that came with the handles and knobs would need to be used.  Each piece of hardware came with a long screw and a short screw but as you can see here, the old (rusted) screws were longer, so that’s what I would have to use.

When I got the handles off, I was left with an outline of the old hardware.  I scuffed the areas up a little bit with my sanding block and wiped them down with a dry rag.  It helped some, but you can still see where the old hardware was.  If we had the time and energy before the baby came, we would have sanded the whole dresser down and stained it darker then sealed it with polyurethane.  But… I didn’t have the energy.  We may do it later on.  Can you see where the old hardware was?!

Yeah, it’s not ideal but oh well!  Next up, I just ran the new screws through the holes and attached the new hardware.  Here’s how it looks now…

Better, right?  Perfect?  No… but I do like the new hardware much better.  The old hardware was sacked up and I’ll be donating it to the local thrift store ran by the Skilled Work Center.  It was formerly known as the Sheltered Work Shop.  They put all of the donated items into a store called The Grab Bag.  The organization was created to provide jobs to adults with mental and/or physical disabilities… so I feel good about donating there!  And here’s one more pic for ya:

Maybe over time those shadows from the old hardware will fade?  Here’s to hoping they will anyways!  Have you ever changed out the hardware on a dresser to update it just a little?  It’s normally very easy and inexpensive and takes little to no time to make the updates.  Just a little tip: before you run off to the store PLEASE measure what size hardware you will need.  The way you do this is to open the drawer and measure the length between the screws.  We needed handles that were 3 inches center to center.  If you get a different size, you’d have to drill new holes.  We weren’t wanting to do that, so I had to purchase handles that were 3 inches center to center.

I hope to show you the rest of the nursery really soon!  Did you see a sneak peak of the rug in one of the photos above?  I love it!  So soft and the colors are perfect in there… and perfect for a little boy too!  Until then, go find a dresser that could benefit from some new hardware and fix that thang up girl!

2 thoughts on “It’s Been Handled

  1. Looks great! Buy some Old English scratch cover for dark woods. Even though you might not consider the dresser ‘dark wood’, it will give you the most coverage. Love you, mom 🙂

  2. Love it! Glad to see this that piece get new life! Now we just need to see your beautiful belly one more time before sweet baby Jackson makes his debut! Miss you guys lots! Xo

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