Baby Q & A

Uhm… this post doesn’t have any photos because it’s a Q and A.  Sorry about that!  Better luck next time.  Some of you readers actually know me and some of you just know me through this blog.  I get asked the same questions over and over again about the pregnancy, baby, etc. so since that seems to be a reoccurring theme, I figured I would just try to answer some of them here.  Sound good to ya?  Let’s do this thang!

Where are you having the baby and who is your doctor?  We plan on having the baby at St. Francis in Monroe, LA.  My doctor is Dr. Shemwell.  I’ve always used her and didn’t see any reason in changing practitioners when I became pregnant.  We chose this hospital because it has a NICU just in case we need it… but I’m praying we don’t!

Are you ready to have the baby?  Physically my body is tired and worn out so the answer is yes.  I don’t want to sound ungrateful because I’m so glad I’ve had the privilege to carry our child this long, but pregnancy hasn’t been a walk in the park for me.  Mentally I’m trying to prepare myself for the worst and hope for the best.  That way when it isn’t so bad, it will be… good!

You are using cloth diapers?  Are you crazy?  Yes, we plan on cloth diapering our baby.  I have a stock of about 30 to 35 and will try my best to use them whenever possible.  Now, these aren’t your 1920s cloth diapers.  They are new and improved and will end up saving us thousands of dollars in the long run.  I’ll try to do a more thorough post about that later and then a follow up once we’ve been cloth diapering for a while.  I’m not trying to be all crazy and cloth diaper him at first because I’ve heard newborns have pretty nasty diapers and lots of blow outs.  As soon as we get in a rhythm and get this parenting thing down a little bit, we will switch over to cloth.

Are you going to nurse?  I’m going to try my darndest!  I’ve been told by many that it is so hard and can be very uncomfortable/painful, but I want to give it my absolute best shot.  And by best shot I mean I want to try to give it a couple of weeks before I throw in the towel.  My whole life, I’ve known I wanted to be a mom… and that I wanted to breastfeed.  It’s free (except having to feed myself) and best for the baby.  I attended a 2 hour breastfeeding class and learned a lot, so hopefully that will come in handy!

Are you getting an epidural?  Hahaha!  What kind of question is that?  If I need pain medication, I will be getting it.  I don’t understand these women that get this holier than thou complex about not using pain meds?!  It literally blows my mind.  I would NEVER think that I was better than another mom/woman because I went without pain meds and she didn’t.  Aren’t we all supposed to be on the same side?  I think any woman who births a child gets a gold star!  If I can get an epidural and have a more relaxed, calm labor with less pain and it doesn’t affect the baby, why wouldn’t I?!

Well, I didn’t cover everything I’m sure but for any of you that were wondering… there ya go!  J.C. and I are definitely ready to meet our little bundle of joy.  Let’s just hope and pray he doesn’t fall out stone cold in the delivery room.  That would be a story to tell for sure!  And by the way, if you have any other questions… just ask me!

3 thoughts on “Baby Q & A

  1. Hey yourself homey 🙂 My other question is: How much longer are you going to keep all of us anxious family members waiting on this big event? Are you being inconsiderate or just plain rude? Ok, now that I have you a little miffed, here’s something to lighten you up.
    Mom’s top five tidbits of wisdom:
    5. When they say they gotta go, you say you
    gotta go.
    4. Remember when you leave, you’re gone.
    3. Never deny or disregard a tire odor.
    2. Always ask for a $20 bill with your burger, no
    mustard, no pickle.

    Ok, there you have it. Love you, mom 🙂

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