Hey all!  Can I start this post by saying, “I am so tired and worn out and will probably be having a baby boy in 17 days or less?!”  Yeah, I’m just to the point where everything is a sort of a struggle and I’m ready to have the baby… a healthy baby!!!  On a more positive note, we got some things done this past weekend that had to be done before his arrival so that’s always a good thing!  Here’s #WWDLW (what we did last weekend):

-Installed the toilet, sealed the grout (2nd and final coat), and put together the vanity (more in depth posts to come)


(Sorry for the less than stellar cell phone pics… and what are those weird shadows on the wall?!)

-Cleaned off the patio/carport… this is pretty pathetic but it’s the cleanest it has been in months… as you can tell it still needs some more work!

patio cleaned up

-Whined and complained a lot about how miserable I was… and this guy just let’s me


-Washed the last of the baby’s clothes and worked in his room a little more

I won’t lie, it was a hard weekend for me physically.  I don’t know why some days are better than other but I felt like I had been beat with a baseball bat until about noon on Sunday.  BUT, I feel a little better now.      Maybe this is the calm before the storm?!  What did you do this last weekend?  All work?  All play?  A little bit of both?  Oh and by the way, I hate to disappoint but I can’t make any promises on super consistent blogging in the near future.  I’ll try my best to stay in touch but if I don’t, I hope you’ll come back to see me when I finally do.  For now, peace out homies!  🙂

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