Liking Right Now…

Good Tuesday Morning!!  How was your weekend?  Ours was great.  We celebrated Father’s Day with both of our fathers as well as celebrated our niece’s 5th birthday.  Three of our four nieces have June birthdays.  Can’t wait to see the other two to celebrate with them as well!  I thought I might share some of the things that I’m really liking right now and might even get you hooked on a few items.  If you must have it, please don’t blame me.  I can’t be responsible for your bad behavior.  🙂

1. Lavender essential oil-  I asked for my first ever set of essential oils for Christmas and happen to receive them.  I’m so glad because I’m really enjoying using them, especially the lavender essential oil.  I won’t give you a total rundown on essential oils but they are all-natural and very beneficial in many different ways.  You can use some of them topically, burn them in an oil burner, ingest SOME of them (not all), mix them in your bath water, etc.  At least a couple of times a week I add a few drops to my bath water and basically pass out almost immediately.  Lavender is a natural relaxer and with our spa sized bathtub, there’s nothing better.  Just take my word and go get some right now!!



2. Metal Straws-  I also had these on my Christmas list.  My mother-in-law got them for me and they are so fun and keep whatever is coming through the straw really cold, even without a ton of ice!  Me likey!


3. Flip-Flops-  I think I own 3 pairs of flip-flops.  I’m just not a flip-flop gal.  I can’t wear them to work and basically I prefer dressier sandals.  If you love flip-flops, I’m fine with that… I just never have… until now.  My feet/ankles have had a tendency to get puffy during this last trimester so it’s been nice to have shoes that are constricting and won’t leave indentions in the tops of my feet.  So, flip-flops have been the answer.  And I’ve just been wearing the cheap ones from Old Navy.  Psst… They are only $2.50 right now.  You can’t beat that!


4. Orangettes-  These little dudes have been sort of like a treat lately.  They aren’t caffeinated but they are carbonated which tricks me into the whole “I’m getting to drink a soda” mentality.  Have I ever mentioned my love for Coca-Cola?  Basically if I could, I would have a permanent Coca-Cola port somewhere in my body and just let the stuff run through my veins.  I like it that much!  Do I drink it that much?  Heck no.  But I want to.  So, when I get a craving for a Coke, I run to the fridge and grab a little Orangette.  It normally does the trick.


5. Water-  I’ve also been needing a lot of water lately.  I’m just so thirsty all of the time.  I have a Contigo water bottle from Wal-Mart that costs me about $10.  It’s 24 oz and shows you how much you’ve consumed.  The bottle is clear so I keep it near me and the water just stares me in the face… forcing me to drink it.  On a good day I’ll fill this puppy up about 4 times, which is 96 oz.  I recently read you should drink half your body weight in ounces per day.  So, if you weigh 200 pounds, you should be drinking 100 oz of water each day.  I’m far exceeding my recommended daily value!


6. Mary Kay CC Cream-  I sold Mary Kay for 6 years and then we lost our first home to a fire.  The house didn’t burn completely to the ground but 99% of our valuables/possessions were ruined from the smoke and water damage, including my Mary Kay inventory.  With 4 properties, a baby on the way, and lots of community related obligations, I just couldn’t do it all anymore.  So, I decided to quit selling Mary Kay.  My sweet sis-in-law also sells it so I just order from her now (if you need her phone number just let me know).  And the Mary Kay CC Cream is awesome.  It’s so lightweight and also contains sunscreen, which is important.  With my perfect pregnancy complexion, I wear this stuff as foundation.  I actually timed how long it took my to put my makeup on just the other morning.  6 minutes!  Woo-hoo!

cc cream

7. Fresh fruit-  At one point or another, I’m eating some fresh fruit every single day.  I love fresh fruit, most of it is in season right about now, and I know it’s great for the baby.  I get to somewhat satisfy my pregnancy sweet tooth without feeling as guilty as downing a milkshake or having a couple of brownies.  What have I been digging?  Apples, kiwis, cuties, cherries, strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, nectarines, and grapes.  So yeah, lots of fruit!

8. Hydrangeas-  I don’t have a picture of the whole bush but here’s just one of the blooms.  The hydrangea plants were here when we purchased the property and I’m so glad because they are my favorite.  I picked one and put it in a very pretty vase in our bedroom.  Makes me smile every time I see it!  Also, they didn’t bloom last year until like October or November because I pruned them and wasn’t supposed to… so I’m glad they are doing good this year!


9. Funny videos-  This one and this one have me cracking up.  I guess I’m trying to avoid sad videos like the plague?!  This emotional pregnant lady doesn’t need yet another excuse to start crying.

10. Rest-  Boy oh boy (pun intended because the baby boy is wearing me out) am I tired?!  I’ve been getting all of the rest that I can lately.  Well, that may not be entirely true.  Sometimes J.C. has to MAKE me come sit down and rest but most days I know when enough has been enough.  I won’t lie, working a full day at the office and not getting to come home until 5 pm then still needing to do laundry, dishes, cook, pickup groceries, etc. is just very tiring at this point.  I only have 25 days until his due date so I promise to get as much rest as I can between now and then.  Lord knows I won’t be getting much rest after he gets here.  🙂

So, what are some things that you’ve been enjoying lately?  Have I sold you on any of the stuff I’m liking these days?  Or are we just totally opposite?  Anyways, one more thing I’m looking forward to enjoying is my baby boy… our son… Jackson Jace Ross.  He’s so close I can almost taste him ♥

3 thoughts on “Liking Right Now…

  1. First off, those videos are SO FUNNY!!! And partly true. 😋 and I really want to try those metal straws. I had never heard of them, but they look super cool.

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