Bumpdate- 36 Weeks

Hey y’all!  How is life treating ya!?  We are doing pretty good over here.  The count down is now under 30 days and we are getting really excited about meeting our little guy.  I figured I better give you another bumpdate because some things have changed AND we got our maternity photos taken.  And I just couldn’t wait any longer to give you a sneak peak.  We hired Courtney Hartness from Hartness Photography and of the pictures I’ve seen so far, she has done an AMAZING job.  We are so happy with them and they are just so sweet and meaningful.  Want to see one?


I mean, can you even deal?  I can’t!  Feel free to visit her FB page to see more.  She’s also doing our newborn session after Jackson arrives and as always… I’m excited!

How far along:  36 weeks or almost 9 months!  EEEEKKKKKK!

Due date:  July 17th

Baby size: My baby book says he should be around 6 pounds and about 20 inches long.  It’s hard to think I have something that big in my body.

Total weight gain:  28 pounds… I predicted from the beginning that I would gain 30 pounds.  With 4 weeks left, I might go over.  We shall see.

Symptoms:  I still waddle like a penguin- BIG time.  The minor heartburn is still lingering but still not a major issue.  Insomnia seems to come and go as it pleases (I didn’t go to sleep last Saturday until 4 am… if you know me that is unheard of).  Oh and did I mention that I have cankles?!  Cankles are when your ankles and calves just run together.  My job is mostly sitting and at the end of the day, my ankles are definitely puffy.

This may or may not be a symptom per say, but I’m starting to nest a little bit.  I want everything in place and in order.  I slept in last Saturday morning but once I woke up, I didn’t stop until our bedroom was spotless.  And now that it actually looks like a real bedroom in the little sitting area, I feel more at home in our house than I ever have.  I’ve also enjoyed spending time in our little guy’s room getting things ready.

And guess what?  I’m also experiencing some Braxton Hicks!  I’m not sure if it’s normal that I put an exclamation point at the end of that sentence.  The emotion is “excited” but I’m sure that won’t last long once the real contractions start.  🙂

Food cravings/aversions:  On Sunday evening I wanted something SO bad but couldn’t really figure out what I wanted.  I ate a pickle and a bacon sandwich and both were good but I don’t think that was what I was REALLY craving.

Gender prediction:  Boy!  Jackson Jace Ross to be exact!!!!

Looking forward to:  Going to our Childbirth Basics class (this evening)… cuz I don’t know nothing bout birthing no babies Mrs. Scarlett!  Can you name that movie?  Oh and have you ever seen those maternity casts?  I bought the little kit and J.C. and I are going to do that.  We are both actually pretty excited!  When it dries, we are going to hang it in his room.

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that life will look very different for us in just 4 short weeks.  It will be a good, happy different but different for sure.  It’s such a blessing and SO amazing that I’ve had the privilege to carry this precious human for the last 8 months.  Now I just need to let him finish “baking”.  July 17th… I’m ready for ya!

2 thoughts on “Bumpdate- 36 Weeks

  1. Yes, the movie is, “Gone With the Wind”! I can almost quote the whole movie lol. I’m excited for sure, with less than one month remaining! I’ve got to get my grandma bag packed !!! I’ll keep it in my car because I’ll be running around crazy when I get that call! Love you, mom
    PS: Lay off the salty pickles to help reduce the cankles 🙂

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