DIY vs. Hired Out

Howdy!  Today I wanted to share with you guys about some of the things that we’ve paid to have done versus the projects that we have DIYed and if we’d do it that way again.  Of course with hiring a job out and DIYing, there are pros and cons to each.  And believe me, we’ve had plenty of experience with both.  So here goes:

Projects we’ve hired out:

-Floating sheetrock:  Now, if you’ll remember, when we bought our current house it was filled with wallpaper in the bathrooms and very dark paneling in the rest of the house.  If you need some before pictures to refresh your memory, head on over to our Home Tour page.  We decided to update the house and make it more like “us”, so we had sheetrock installed and floated… in the entire house.

I’m very glad we made this call.  Every once and a while J.C. says, “It would have been so much easier to just paint the paneling…” Blah, blah, blah.  After it took us all that work on the nursery, I’m not sure he’s right about that.  And he also says it would have said us money.  That may be true, but I’ll tell you one that it wouldn’t have saved us- SANITY.

In five short weeks, the contractors turned rooms from this…


To this…


We believe that we are fully capable of almost any project if we have the right tools and the time.  But with floating the sheetrock, we didn’t have the tools or the time, so we hired out.  Would we do it again?  Yes, in a heartbeat!  Would we hire the same people?  Probably not… but that’s another story.

-Painting ceilings and trim:  While our contractors were there, we asked them to install and paint all of the moulding and trim throughout the whole house as well as paint the ceilings.  Yes, this is something that we could have EASILY done ourselves.  But again, we were thinking about how long it would have taken us.  Nice trim comes at a nice cost and it’s SO easy to mess up angles and ruin a piece by cutting it too short, etc.  And with them painting the ceilings and trim, we saved ourselves a bunch of taping and neck aches (literally).  I’ve told J.C. at least a dozen times that I would have paid double for them to paint the ceilings and trim.  In my book, it was money well spent.


-Installing flooring:  We had the whole house done.  The same guy that installed our vinyl wood planks also installed the tile in both bathrooms.  Would we pay to have it installed again?  Yes and no.  It’s not that he didn’t do a good job.  It’s that the installation is fairly easy.  In our case, time was money… or money was time… or something like that.  We were living with family and wanted to get out of their hair as soon as possible.  So, we were capable of installing the flooring but it was worth it to us to pay someone else to do it this time around.

-Installing our shower glass door:  J.C. tried to tell me a few times that we needed to do this ourselves.  I always pretended like I didn’t hear him.  Did I mention how much that shower door cost?  Yeah, it was expensive.  We’re talking around $1100 for the door and installation.  I’m sure most of that cost was the door.  I can just see J.C. and I trying to wrestle that thing into that bathroom, then breaking it or cracking our freshly laid tile, and then killing each other.  I would rather not, mkay?!  So, are we glad we hired that out?  Double yes!!

Projects we’ve DIYed:

-Painting walls:  I believe at this point in my life, I could probably paint a room in my sleep.  And I actually don’t mind painting.  J.C. on the other hand isn’t a fan.  Do I dare say I kind of enjoy it?  That’s probably a sickness or something.  Taking a room from drab to fab is SO easy with paint and watching it transform is one of my favorite things to do… plus it’s so cheap!  As far as I can remember, with 4 houses in total, we’ve never paid anybody to paint any walls for us.  Well, my brother did some work for us but that wasn’t because we couldn’t do it ourselves.  We were just trying to get some things done and he was looking for odds and end jobs.  Would I ever pay someone to paint walls?  I’m going to say with 99.999% confidence, no!  It’s so easy and quick and we are very capable!


-Plumbing:  J.C.’s job is basically over-sized plumbing.  There are few things that he’s not been able to tackle in the plumbing department.  In our new house, he’s done all of the plumbing.  My dad says that J.C. has a degree in “waterology” and he basically does.  He’s very sharp in that field and I’m SO glad because hiring a plumber can be really expensive.  Have we had to pay a plumber to do a few things here and there?  Yes, but only because of a time crunch or we didn’t have the right tools… like a really long snake or something.  And I’m not referring to a live snake… I’m talking about the metal thing you use to rod out sewer lines.  🙂


-Electrical:  Uhm… I might need to let J.C. answer this question.  We’ve done most of the electrical work at our house… maybe all of it.  We did pay my brother to help us but J.C. was right beside him working so that doesn’t really count.  J.C. went to school and learned a lot about electrical and can normally figure things out.  It isn’t always fun or easy and never proves to be quick, but we normally DIY the electrical.  Does J.C. enjoy crawling in the attic and getting covered in fiberglass installation?  HECK no, but it does save us lots of money when he does.  Thanks babe!


So, are you one to pay to have everything done or do you DIY all of your projects?  Or are you like us and enjoy a mixture of both?  My parents are the king and queen of DIY.  They basically do it all themselves.  That means they have to be able to take their time and not be on a set schedule.  I know other people who have basically never done any work in their home, hiring everything out.  And guess what?  Both ways are okay.  Some people enjoy paying somebody else to do it and some people would rather save the money and do it themselves.  I like that J.C. and I both agree to do a little bit of both.  Sometimes hiring the job out cost more money but it will also save your sanity.  And these days, I don’t have much of that left.  🙂




One thought on “DIY vs. Hired Out

  1. Hey! Good blog today! I say that roofing is always best hired out! Also, laying brick is not a good DIY project- let the professionals do their pretty work. Dad and I enjoy most of it; I think rock masonry/underpinning has been one of our favorite DIY projects. He’s good at layout/design and I’m into finishing the grout. Couples discover their strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes when they DIY. They also learn to work together and to better complement each other, if they don’t kill each other first ! Lol Love you, mom

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