Showering Our Baby

Back in November, I co-hosted a baby shower for my sweet sis-in-law and brother, who were expecting their second child, a baby boy.  Their daughter, my youngest niece, was getting really excited about the “party” for the baby.  I told her it was called a “baby shower”.  She said, “the baby is getting a bath?!”  Now how precious is that?  Isn’t it great how kids think?  Anyways, our little guy has recently gotten a few baths himself- a baby shower at work and another one at our church.  By the time he gets here, he should be really clean 🙂

As I said, our church hosted us a wonderful baby shower.  They went with a fishing theme and everything was so cute and so sweet!  I arrived a little early and invited my mother to as well.  I started opening gifts about 30 minutes before the shower and still barely had enough time to visit with my guests.  So, that probably tells you how many gifts we received.  People are just SO generous.  I feel very blessed to say the least.

I’ll quit yacking now and get to the good stuff… the pictures.

P.S. I LOVE hydrangeas.  There are actually a few hydrangea plants on our property and I am just in love, so I’m really glad they chose to use them at our shower.

And if you didn’t know before now, we are naming our little guy Jackson Jace.  Both names have meaning.  Jackson is my husband’s grandfather’s middle name.  Jace is what I call my husband, J.C.!  So, he will be named after his late great-granddaddy and his daddy.  Isn’t that special?  Ok, here’s the deal.  If you are pregnant right now and decide to have your baby in the next 4 weeks or so, please don’t steal our baby’s name.  I’ve heard of people doing that and it’s just SO messed up.  Why in the world would one do that?  Ok, off my soapbox now.  Isn’t that cake ADORABLE?  It’s the same little pattern that is on our crib quilt.

And here are the very funny pictures that my coworker took of me opening gifts at my work baby shower.  I have told you before that I have a flare for the dramatics.  After looking at these photos, it’s very evident.  And when I showed them to J.C., he told me I didn’t know that half of it  🙂



I mean… this is just embarrassing.  I often wonder why people smirk when I’m talking to them.  I now know why!

baby swing

And contrary to what it looks like in this photo, there isn’t a baby in the swing.  Like I said… #dramatic.

Between the two showers, we received so many nice things and will never be able to tell people how thankful we are for their kindness.  Our little man is definitely fixed up!  If you had a part in hosting, helping, etc. in either of our showers, thank you so much.  Both J.C. and I are very appreciative.  I hope that in the future, I can continue to shower other moms because it’s such a special time.  And who doesn’t love babies and all the sweet smelling stuff to go with them?  I’m outta here… need to get a head start on all those thank you notes!






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