A Clear Door

I got a phone call from an out of town number the other morning.  It was a Louisiana phone number, so I thought it might be my doctor’s office.  It wasn’t them, but it was a very important phone call… just what the doctor ordered actually!  I mentioned a few weeks ago that we needed to get our walk-in shower in working order before the baby arrived, just in case I had a C-section.  Guess what my sister-in-law told me?  You’ve got to take showers for four weeks after baby is born no matter how you have it.  Oopppsss… I sure didn’t know that.  But I do now!

So, when I answered the phone, it was ACME Glass and Mirror, which was the company that we purchased our shower door from for our newly tiled front bathroom and walk-in shower.  To my surprise, our shower door had already come in and the nice gentleman on the other end of the line wanted to install it that day.  Sure!  I had to ask my boss to run home to put Scooter up so he wouldn’t trip the guy carrying the very expensive pieces of glass inside.  That would have been a nightmare.  And believe me you, I trip over him at least once a day!

When I got home for lunch, I was welcomed by our brand new clear door:

Isn’t it pretty?  We are extremely pleased with how everything turned out.  Here it is from a few different angles:

I do have to tell you that these doors are not cheap.  We paid more for this door than we did for the labor costs of the tile installation in this room.  But you have to think of these types of things as an investment.  As long as somebody doesn’t fall out of the shower and break this door (which would be awful by the way), it should last a really long time.  Like 2o years or more!  Also, it is so much better than what was here before because I totally clothes-lined myself on that shower door tract more than once:


By having the door installed, we are that much closer to being done with this room.  Wanna know something really funny?  Like every time I talk to my mom on the phone she always asks, “do you have a door on your bathroom yet?”  Nope, we still don’t have a door on our (master) bathroom.  There is a door on the front bathroom though, it just doesn’t have the hardware on it yet.  But none of that matters because the shower head and handle isn’t installed and neither is the toilet.  She wants to stay after the baby comes to help us out but can’t stay unless there is privacy in ONE OF THE BATHROOMS!!!  Needless to say, we gotta get a toilet in and that shower working because believe me, I want her to come and help.  And those items are also some of our June Hopes, so there’s extra pressure.  🙂

So, what do you think of our new clear door?  I guess some people will probably think we are crazy for getting a door that is clear… like “what’s the point?”… but that’s what we wanted so that’s what we got!  To each his own, right?  Anyways, I can’t wait to take my first shower in here.  We’ve been living with just a bathtub since the beginning of the year and I’m ready for a shower people!!  Until then, I guess I’ll just be stinky.

One thought on “A Clear Door

  1. I love the clear door. I think it makes a bathroom look so much bigger than it already is. Also, it’s your master bathroom. Meaning for you and your husband. So who cares if it’s clear! Lol. I think it looks very clean and modern. I couldn’t imagine anything else there.

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