Hey you guys!  I’m back with another WWDLW- what we did last weekend- post.  We had such a good weekend.  It will filled with work, play, family, love and lots of little baby socks.  🙂

On Friday evening we finished up the nursery (painting wise) and had dinner with my sis-in-law, niece, nephew, and Mom.  We missed the rest of the family and they probably don’t know it, but they missed a delicious meal!!  Thanks Candace… it was yummy in my tummy!  We’ve been eating out of the crock pot a lot lately because of the convenience so it was nice to have some fresh veggies and pork chops.  Oh and you guys missed the best prayer too… my niece may have thanked God for painting my toe nails.  How adorable, right?!

Saturday and Sunday were also fun filled days.  Here’s what went down:

-J.C. installed all new outlets and a new light fixture in the nursery

-Baby Shower fun on Saturday

(Can you tell that my nephew is INFATUATED with me?  Or maybe they just couldn’t get his attention?!  We’ll go with the first option.)

-Put nursery together after the shower- more fun.  I cannot wait for you guys to see it.  Here’s a stained-glass sneak peak:

Ok, I admit that’s kind of dirty giving you a distorted picture… but I’m not ready for the big reveal yet 🙂

-Washed/dried/put away baby clothes

-Church on Sunday morning followed by Matthew Fellowship at lunch- waterslides and pizza… our niece had a blast!

-Swimming and grilling at my Aunt and Uncle’s house


Again, this dude is just a little stud-muffin.  I can’t even deal!

I told J.C. that I really didn’t know how to act this past weekend.  It’s been a WHILE (other than our beach babymoon) that we’ve had a weekend that we weren’t killing ourselves trying to get a whole bunch of tasks done.  It was so nice to relax and let our hair down a little bit.

Anyways, I’ll be back on Thursday with some front bathroom progress!  Until then, tell me, what did you do last weekend?  Was it fun-filled or all work and no play?!  I can’t wait until this coming weekend either because we are getting our maternity pictures made!

P.S.  Don’t forget to post to FB and/or Instagram about what you did last weekend with the hashtag- #WWDLW!


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