Nursery Progress

We’ve been making some headway in the nursery lately.  I’m sure if you were to walk in and look at it, you’d be thinking… “oh, really?”… but I promise it’s already way better than it was.  If you are new here or have a really bad memory like me, the nursery was actually going to be a guest room/future nursery.  We seriously didn’t have a clue we would be needing it so soon, as a nursery anyways.

The plan was to plank it with horizontal planks.  Sort of like this…

So, when our contractors were there working, we asked them not to mess with this room.  No sheetrock, no scraping the popcorn ceilings, nothing.  This room was going to be my “baby”… my little project.  Well, little did I know, it would be for a baby.  J.C. and I discussed our options and knew with me getting bigger and less able and his crazy long work hours, planking was going to be out of the question for now.

J.C. scraped, sanded, and patched the popcorn ceiling and then I cleaned the room up.  Speaking of the ceilings, all of the popcorn is officially gone!  Woo Hoo!!  After that we were ready to paint.  I always thought I’d have blue in a little boy’s room, but with all of the colors that I’m using in the accessories, rug, rocker and bedding, I just didn’t want blue walls.  So, we landed on Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams.

agreeable gray

It’s the same color that we’ve used in the main parts of our house- laundry/mudroom, kitchen/dining, living room and hall.  It’s a nice, neutral color and will grow with our little guy.  The ceilings and trim will be painted Incredible White by SW.  It’s a nice grayish white color that we used on the ceilings in the rest of the house.

But here’s the thing- there is still paneling in the nursery.  And it’s not as easy as it seems to just slap some paint on.  Why?  Because the paneling is VERY dark (like almost black) and needed a good bit of prep work before the paint could actually go up.  So, we created a plan and got to work.

We had to chose to paint the cracks and all of the trim with a couple coats of latex Kilz and J.C. rolled the walls with it a couple of times.  It was water based so the smell wasn’t bad until you started rolling.  I let J.C. handle all of that!  Then we made sure that all of that dark trim/moulding had a few good layers on it as well.  That took the longest amount of time.  The paneling must have been REALLY thirsty, because it soaked two coats of primer up like that!

Then came the paint.  It also took two coats of paint.  Let’s just say that painting the paneling wasn’t extremely easy and I wouldn’t have wanted to do the whole house that way.  Thank the Lord we pulled the trigger and went with sheetrock.  Anyways,  when painting a room, there is a order that should be followed.  If you go in order, you won’t be doing any extra work.  First, paint the ceiling.  Make sure you cut in around the top trim and roll the ceiling before anything else.  Why?  Because if you are painting the ceiling and the walls are already painted, you risk getting the ceiling paint on the wall paint.  So, ceilings are first!

Next up, I like to paint the trim… all of it.  The ceiling trim, baseboards, window/door trim, etc.  I have a very steady hand and can cut in later on around the trim with my wall color.  Speaking of wall color, leave that for last.  If you’ve already painted the trim and have a good paint brush and steady hand, there won’t be any need for taping.  Let’s go over this one more time- 1) ceilings, 2) trim, and 3) walls.  Got it?  Good!

Warning:  Picture Overload is about to occur.  After spending what seemed like days weeks priming and painting, we turned the nursery from this…



To this (popcorn gone, new flooring)…

To this (Kilzed cracks and trim)…

Then this (Kilzed walls)…

And now this (painted trim, walls, and ceiling)…

Doesn’t it look great?  I’m so excited that we’ve made it this far because I was worried it was not going to get done at all.  Isn’t the power of paint just crazy?  If you’ll notice in the last three pictures, we also installed quarter round.  That makes a huge difference in making the room look more “finished.”  You might not can tell from the photos, but for a very small cost and little to no effort, it makes a big impact.

Of course, more has transpired since these photos were taken but I can’t give it all away at once!!  I’ll be back to share what else we’ve done soon enough.  Until then, tell me… have you ever painted dark paneling?  One room was ENOUGH!!  I have no desire to do it again, like ever again.  The only way we were able to grin and bear it was because of the excitement of our little man’s arrival.  I just kept telling myself “this is all for the baby!”  ♥  Anything for the baby…





2 thoughts on “Nursery Progress

  1. I cannot WAIT to see the whole nursery put together with furniture and accessories!!!!! It looks great!!

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