June Hopes

Each month this year I’m setting some “hopes.”  Basically they are items on our very long to-do list that we hope to accomplish within the month.  Last month when May Hopes went live, I’m pretty sure my mom called and was all like, “you are going to have to cut some of these hopes down.”  She told me I need to take it easy and rest.  I did listen to her advice but I can’t sit still for long.  Sowwy Mom!  So, for June I still have 5 hopes.  Hopefully they won’t put me under.  Here goes…

1.  Finish the nursery– From top to bottom I want it all done.  That way by July 1st, I’ll have 16 days to “relax” before baby’s official due date.  Of course, if I want to add to the décor or nail something to the wall after then, that’s fine… but other than that, I want it done.  #nesting.  Here’s the official before of the nursery…


2.  Make sure both bathrooms have doors–  You’re welcome Mother!  Yeah, so our front bathroom has a door but no hardware.  And why would you need a door to a bathroom that isn’t operational yet?  Hence #3.  And the master bathroom doesn’t have a door either but our bedroom does so that has worked for us but it won’t work after the baby comes and my mom is staying and she needs privacy.  Get it?  Got it?  Good!

3.  Make sure our walk-in shower and toilet in the front bathroom are operational–  We hit a small snag with the faucet but J.C. says it is “fixable.”  Easily fixable, well, I’m not sure?!  We will see and I’ll let you know how everything turns out.  As for the toilet, it literally just needs to be installed.  The vanity being installed is a nice idea too but if all else fails and that doesn’t happen, there’s always the kitchen sink that we can wash our hands in.  🙂

4.  Hook up hot water to washing machine–  I’ve been needing hot water since we moved in for our whites, towels, sheets, etc. but I haven’t pushed the envelope because I didn’t want to annoy J.C. or be out of a washer for any extended period of time.  Now that I’m going to have cloth diapers and baby clothing that need to be washed (possibly in warm/hot water), well… considered the envelope pushed.  Ok, I’m just kidding about the whole envelope pushing thing, but we did pick up the little hot/cold water box thingy at Home Depot and have plans to install it this month!  Well, J.C. will install it.  I’ll probably just assist!  In case you have no clue what I’m referring to, this is what it looks like:

hotcoldwater box

5.  Clean carport/patio area up 1000% percent–  It’s a revolving door of stuff and a big pile of sheetrock that I’m contemplating setting on fire, except sheetrock doesn’t burn and we don’t need no more house fires.  But seriously though, we will be having a lot of company I’m sure after our little guy arrives and if they see how awful our carport/patio area looks… I’ll just die.  So, anybody want to help?

So, that’s the top 5 for June!  Those seems like lofty “hopes” but we are THIS close to already having them all done.  I’d love to be able to report a 100% at the end of the month.  It hasn’t happened yet, but there’s a first time for everything.  We shall see!  Are you setting any “hopes” for June?  You should.  It’s so nice to have things done and crossed off the list.  I’ll be back tomorrow with another #bumpdate!


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