May Hopes Update

Uhm… does anybody know where the month of May went?  Yes, it’s true, the older you get the faster the time goes by.  But May 2015?  I seriously have no clue what I did this last month?!  I’m wondering if somebody knocked me in the head and just now woke me up… because that is seriously how fast this past month went by.  It’s madness I tell ya!

Anyways, as with every other month this year, we set some “hopes” for the month of May.  We (ok, more like I) set five hopes… just items that we hope to cross off of our very long to-do list.  If we accomplish them, that’s great!  If not, we try not to be too hard on ourselves.  We did alright in May.  Not great, but not totally awful either.  Here goes…

(My original hopes will be in bold and the update will be in regular text.)

1.  Paint the nursery–  Ok, so I’m going to say that we got a 100% on this one.  Technically, we aren’t 100% done, but we’ve come so far in there that it ain’t even funny.  All of the major work is done.  It’s just a few touch ups here and there.  Thank you to everyone that didn’t distract us… allowing us to finally cross this item off of our list.  I can’t give you a final picture because I’m doing another post about ALL the nursery progress, but here’s what the nursery looked like when we bought the place:


2.  Patch and paint the ceiling in the master bath–  GOT.IT.DONE!!!  You wouldn’t even know that there were a few small dings in the ceiling.  This project (if you can even call it that) might have taken 5 minutes.  But you know what?  I’m so glad it’s done because I looked at those three little holes EVERY time I was in the bathroom.  Eyesores gone!

3.  Replace some of the switches and outlets–  Okay, so this hope will just have to remain a hope because we didn’t replace any switches or outlets.  We did have good intentions and even discussed it, but other things must have gotten in the way.  Yes, most of them are still hanging out of the wall like so:

light swithches hanging out (2)

Looks extremely safe, right?  Wrong, but we’ll get there… eventually!

4.  Paint nursery door and install handle–  Yeah, this didn’t happen either.  I sure wish it would have, but I felt like painting the dark paneling walls, trim, etc. was more important than painting the door.  If the baby arrives and the door is still just primed, it won’t be the end of the world.  Ya know?  And I refuse to paint around the hardware (and possibly get paint all over it), so that must wait until the door is painted!  More than likely it will happen in June.

5.  Finish one room at the Etheridge house–  Sadly, we didn’t even darken the doors at the Etheridge house.  As I’ve mentioned a million times or two, this is the hubby’s busiest time of the year at work.  I don’t go to the Etheridge house to work without him and he had NO free time in May that wasn’t devoted to our own home, so we didn’t get JACK done over there.  Oh well… it was just a hope.  The kitchen (as well as every other room in the house) looks a whole lot better than before, but none of the rooms are finished.  Here’s some evidence:

etheridge kitchen primer copy

So, even though we only got two out of the five hopes accomplished, I’m still very proud of us.  With J.C.’s crazy schedule and my ridiculous waddling, I’d say we did pretty good!  How about you?  Did you have any hopes for the month of May?  Did you get them done?  For us, the feeling of “getting stuff done” just never gets old.  I think that I could personally have a full-time job of scratching items off of a to-do list.  It’s one of my absolute favorite things to do 🙂

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