#WWDLW 2.0

Can anybody else out there believe it’s already June 1st?  I can’t!  Seeing that it is actually June the 1st and we aren’t all just dreaming, that also means our baby is due in about 47 days. EEKKK!!!  Cannot wait!  Anyways, we finally got a lot of work accomplished in one single weekend.  Praise the Lord that J.C. was off on Saturday; otherwise, we wouldn’t have gotten near as much work done.  We slept in on Saturday morning, because we desperately needed the rest… but once we got going, we killed it!!!

I’ll share more detailed posts later on this week or next, but here’s #WWDLW- what we did last weekend:

-Painted the nursery ceiling

-Painted the nursery trim

-Painted the nursery walls

-Painted and installed quarter round in the nursery

paint can (2)

-Installed baseboards in the front bathroom

-Mowed the lawn (and we have LOTS of lawn )

-Cleaned up outside some

It feels SO good to have all of these items mostly crossed off of our to-do list.  Of course, the nursery isn’t completely finished.  We still need one more coat of paint on the walls, the closet needs to be painted a time or two more, and the door needs paint and hardware… just to name a few.  And guess what?  I’m very glad that we didn’t attempt to paint this whole house full of paneling.  If you’ll remember, we didn’t want to “just paint the paneling”, we wanted sheetrock instead.  Painting the paneling is basically awful, but I’ll talk more about that in a nursery progress post later on this week.

Speaking of the nursery, I also got our crib quilt/blanket back from our neighbor, Mrs. Rose, who turned my fabric pieces into a quilt of sorts.  Here’s a sneak peak (the patchwork fabric is the front and the yellow and white polka dot is the back):

baby quilt (2)

Isn’t it adorable?  I figured I better give you at least one cute picture in this post!  Anyways, I’ll let ya go for now.  But come back later on this week for some updates!  What did you do this last weekend?  Get anything big accomplished?  Or maybe just a bunch of small stuff?  Or did you rest and relax?  The next time we get a weekend of rest and relaxation, our baby might be 20 something years old 🙂

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