Beach Babymoon

So I shared the emotional side to our bittersweet beach babymoon in a post a couple of weeks ago.  I would say that I’m sorry if it was too sappy or too emotional but I’m actually not sorry at all.  I feel like this is a very good platform for me to be honest with my readers and be transparent.  Hope you didn’t mind.  And if ya did, well… you need a cookie.

J.C. encouraged me to share some details of the actual trip, like where we stayed, the food we ate, the sea life we saw, etc.  So, I’ll start with our accommodations and just go from there!  I always book on Home Away and have yet to regret it.  From New Orleans to Panama City Beach, we’ve stayed in a lot of nice condos/apartments and each of them were found on Home Away.  And no, this isn’t a plug for Home Away… I’m just kind of obsessed with that website!  The particular number for our listing is 492947… or you can just click here.

The apartment was a studio apartment directly across from the beach.  We normally stay right on the beach but this condo didn’t have anything in front of it to obstruct our view so we payed a little less and walked across the street to get to the beach.  It wasn’t bad at all.  The Gulf and Racquet Club had private access to the beach and a couple of outdoor showers to get cleaned up at the end of the day.  On the back side of the complex was a lagoon.  So basically we were surrounded by water.  It was very pretty!!  Here’s the view from our little living area.

The inside of the condo was decorated very nicely and they used the space that they had to work with very well!  The owner happens to be an interior designer/artist so I could tell that some of the pieces were custom.  She also had her personal art pieces displayed in the condo and they were lovely as well.  Here’s her contact information and website.  I’d love to own one of her pieces for our house one day.

Ok, let’s move onto what we did with our time.  We basically lounged/played on the beach during the day.  Seriously, we only spent money on food and a $5 net to scoop up sea shells.  Call us boring or old fashioned, we had a BLAST.  It was just so fun and relaxing and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We saw sting rays, dolphins, and pelicans and ended up catching crabs, starfish, minnows, and seashells with our net.  We also played corn hole on the beach the last day.  I don’t have a single athletic bone in my entire body but somehow managed to beat J.C. all but one time.  I’m still smiling!  The rest of the time, we either walked the beach or sat under our umbrella with our feet just close enough to feel the water when the tide got high.  It was wonderful and I’m already ready to go back!

sitting on the beach copy


bathing suit pic copy

 And now for the good stuff… the food.  We ate out each night- King Neptune’s, Bahama Bobs, The Steamer (all in Gulf Shores) and Café Grazie (Orange Beach).  Our least favorite was Bahama Bobs and the best restaurant hands down was Café Grazie.  J.C. had seafood linguine alfredo and I had seafood cannelloni.  They were both TO.DIE.FOR!!!  If you happen to be visiting in the area, Café Grazie is a must!!!  You should only go take a look at the menu if you want to completely torture yourself.

Well, I won’t bore you (or make you hungry or ready for a beach trip) anymore than I already have.  Like I’ve already said a million times, this trip is just what we needed.  A little time to ourselves one last time before our little guy arrives.  Last year, we didn’t get to take a trip over the summer (like an official vacation) so this one was MUCH needed.  After our first home was lost to a fire in the beginning of 2014, the year was just hard, to say the least.  I’m SO SO SO glad we made this time for ourselves and each other and our relationship.  It will be a trip that we will always cherish and remember… the end ♥

P.S.  I can’t believe I just showed the world a picture of my big belly in a bikini.  You only live once, right?!


One thought on “Beach Babymoon

  1. I just love you guys… I hope my and Wesley’s relationship can be like yours. I’m so glad y’all had a wonderful time! And I don’t think it sounded boring at all. I think it sounded quite spectacular.

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