A $92 Master Closet

It’s really funny how when you have a baby due in 2 months, you start to panic and get things done.  And by “done” I mean “let’s just do what we’ve got to do and we can always change it later”.  Have you ever had projects like that?  We seem to be having more and more these days and our master closet happened to be a suspect as well.  In fact, it was one of our April Hopes and it never got done… until now.

And guess what?  It only took us a few hours from start to finish and a whopping $92.00.  I won’t bore you with every single detail but here’s what we were thinking:

-The master closet is roughly 5.5′ deep by 10′ wide.  We figured the best bang for our buck would be one long rod across the 10 foot wall.  This is definitely not what we originally planned, but like I said, plans go out the imaginary closet window when there’s a baby due.

-A shelf across the top of the rod would provide a little extra storage space- pretty bins and boxes that have yet to be purchased 😦

-Only hanging one rod at a higher height would allow for dresses and slacks to hang down and not be in the way of another rod, as well as room for the dresser that we are currently storing J.C.’s socks/undies/tshirts/shorts in and on (see all those jeans on top??)

-We needed a light source in there… and a VERY easy one at that- aka J.C. didn’t want to get back in the attic and for that matter, I didn’t want him to have to either.  If you’ll remember, we turned two very small bedrooms into one and that is why we now have a very nice sized master bedroom and walk-in closet.  There was no light in this part of the room originally so it was very dark in here without a light source.

So, with those things in mind, we would need the following:

-Tape measure



-Brackets ($15 for three)

-Wood for shelf ($16.50 for 10 foot)

-Clothes and hangers

-Light source ($60)

-A hot guy with a smart brain (Pricele$$)

We already had the tape measure, screws, rod, clothes and hangers, light source, and hot guy… so the only things we needed to fetch were the brackets and the wood for the shelf.  After making a trip (or two) to town, we were set.  And this is where we landed ladies and gents:


Isn’t is just fabulous?  Like the most beautiful closet you have EVER SEEN in your ENTIRE LIFE?!?!  Ok, so it’s probably not but at this point I just can’t care anymore.  All of our clothes were hanging in the nursery closet and that wasn’t going to work but this… this works!!  And a side note:  I need to inject some color into my wardrobe before I fall over dead.  I guess you end up buying lots of neutrals (gray and black) after your house burns to just get by.  J.C.’s side has more color than mine.  #pathetic

Anyways, as you can see, there is a 10 foot bar across this wall with 3 brackets holding it up and a shelf across the top of the brackets.  Let’s pretend there are some really cool baskets/boxes up there holding a bunch of stuff that we probably don’t own and more than likely don’t need 🙂

Here are a few “close up” shots.  My end:

His end:


And what’s really sad is that I we don’t even wear half of the clothes in the closet right now because mine don’t fit because I’m pregnant and his are all long-sleeve.  I seriously think he owns about 3 short sleeve dressy shirts.  The rest of the time he is happy in a $5.00 V-neck t-shirt from Wal-Mart.  At least he is easy to please, right??

Ok, so let’s move onto the lighting issue.  Like I said, we were trying to avoid the attic at all costs so I had a genius idea and told J.C. we might as well try it.  A few months back while in Home Depot, we I snuck two of these under cabinet lighting strips into the buggy.

under cabinet lighting

At the checkout J.C. was all like, “what the heck are those?!” and I might have mumbled “oh… just some $60 under cabinet lighting strips that you can plug in that I want to put in the pantry so I can see…”  (enter an eye roll from J.C. and probably a “whatever?!”)

Needless to say, we hadn’t put them in the pantry yet and boy were we glad we hadn’t.  They were about to save the day!!  We brought them into the master closet and within a few minutes we had some MAJOR LIGHT!!!


Of course, in this picture, it looks like you are being blinded by the light, but if you scroll back up, the closet is very well lit and needs no extra lighting source.  OH, wanna talk about some ambiance?  The lights are plug-in and controlled by this little dimmer switch:

All the way up is full blast and all the way down is completely off.  So, now that we have a dimmer switch in our closet, it might be the most romantic place for me and J.C. to hide and make out.  You are welcome 🙂  And here’s a picture of the lights about halfway…


See what I mean about romantic?  Anyways, the lights ended up being the most expensive part of the closet (coming in at $60) but at least J.C. didn’t have to crawl into the attic.  And guess what??  The strip of lights is just tacked up with little nails that were provided so when we get ready to put some proper lighting in the closet, we can move these elsewhere… probably the pantry where they were intended to be used.

So, I guess that’s about it ladies and gents.  This might be the most mind-blowing, exciting post I’ve ever written.  Or it might not be?!  I’ll let you be the judge.  Just remember, I’m 8 months pregnant and sensitive so if you want to tell me it’s the most beautiful and organized closet you’ve ever seen, it won’t hurt my feelings at all!  And if you see any cute baskets/bins, let me know because I think we need some!

P.S.  In honor of Memorial Day, I would like to say a big thank you to all of the soldiers and their families that have fought for our freedom!!!

2 thoughts on “A $92 Master Closet

  1. Good job! Best rigging/engineering/get a job done fast I’ve seen in a while! Papaw Berry would be so proud! Love you, Mom

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