A Bunny Rabbit Lamp

Don’t you just love it when you find a good deal?  Well, I say that… some people never find good deals.  They just don’t shop for bargains.  And you know what?  That’s alright!  To each his own, I say.  BUT… this chick is always looking for a good deal.  When I was a teenager and still learning how to handle my money wisely, I’d buy something just because it was a good deal, even if I wasn’t that crazy about the item.  I ended up with a lot of junk and clothing that was never used/worn.  So, my new philosophy is that I can take advantage of really good bargains, as long as I actually like the item and can see myself enjoying it.

I was in Monroe, LA for a doctors appointment last week and ran by Goodwill.  We don’t have a Goodwill where I live so I always try to pop in when I get a chance.  Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes it isn’t it.  This time, I hit the jackpot.  Remember last time I shopped at Goodwill?  If you missed that post, click here.  I found some good deals that time, but not as good as this time around.

Finding my way back to the housewares, I stumbled upon a sweet little bunny rabbit lamp.  I say little, but it was actually a pretty good sized lamp.  Since I have expensive taste (darn my expensive taste), I sort of felt like this item might have originally been pricey.  So, I picked up the lamp and flipped it over to see if it had any original tags or markings on it.  That’s when I found this…

rabbit lamp1 copy

Notice how the price tag states $112.00?  My eyes grew to the size of watermelons and I was trying to keep my composure.  I didn’t want anybody to know that I had just found a buried treasure.  That bunny rabbit lamp was MINE, all mine.  I sat it on my (disappearing) hip and marched that puppy bunny to the front of the store!  Want to know how much I paid for it???

rabbit lamp2 copy

Yes, that says $7.99!  Don’t be jealous!  I had to take a picture on my cell phone as soon as I got to the car and send it to my mother.  Her response was that she was “beaming with pride.”  Like mother, like daughter!  I would have never paid $112.00 for this little bunny lamp (or probably any other lamp for that matter), but I did love it enough to pay $7.99 for it.  So now the little bunny lives at our house.  I stopped by Lowe’s and took the lamp inside with me to find a suitable shade.  Here’s what I came up with…

bunny lamp with shade copy

What do you think?  I love that the lamp shade is a different style/shape.  It allows me to put the lamp towards the back of the table without the shade bumping into the wall.  Doesn’t it look so cute?  I’m so proud of myself for finding such a good deal!  Now I just need to take all of the tags off 🙂

Tell me, have you ever found a great deal at a consignment/thrift/second-hand store?  Isn’t it a good feeling?  Or are you not much of a bargain shopper?  Maybe this post will convert you!  It’s not always easy finding buried treasure, but when I do, I always have a smile on my face… and more money in my pocket!

4 thoughts on “A Bunny Rabbit Lamp

  1. I’m obsessed with the bunny lamp. I think it’s so sweet and endearing and just a little spot of happiness. I wish I had the patience to be a bargain shopper. I do what I can to save money, but never have put in the time or effort to get REAL bang for my buck. I’m so glad you found it for that price!!

  2. I want to do my nursery in bunnies (in about 10 more years, haha)! I love the lamp! I never find deals like that.

  3. The bunny lamp find is amazing! I love thrift shopping 🙂 I always tell daddy that I’m saving him millions and he’s like- you’re spending money but saving millions ??? But better at Goodwill than at Neiman Marcus! Lol. Love you, Mom

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