With a baby on the way in less than 60 days (OMG) and me being tired (A LOT) sometimes it’s just hard to write a full blog post on every little thing we do around the house.  On the other hand, I know that some of you really enjoy all the little details (talking to you Mom), so I figured I could come up with a solution.  It won’t be every week, but on Mondays or Tuesdays when I’m just too worn out to give you the complete rundown of all we accomplished over the weekend, I’ll post about #WWDLW- what we did last weekend.

Most of the pictures will probably be taken on my phone and I’ll more than likely share some follow up post of big projects here and there!  You can also follow me on Instagram, my username is jcrhross, and I’ll post pictures there as well with the hashtag #WWDLW.

So, this past weekend J.C. was off on Saturday and even he even skipped church all day on Sunday.  He knew that if he didn’t get some things done this weekend, they might not get done at all.  This past weekend we:

-Washed down the front bathroom tile one last time and sealed the grout

Did you miss the new tile job in the bathroom?  Click here if ya did and here’s some eye candy to go with:

-Installed a makeshift master closet (it’s not what we had planned but when you have a pending arrival on the way, you do what you gotta do!  I’ll post about it soon, I promise.)

-Hung up all of our clothes 🙂

-Cleaned out the nursery

-Sanded the ceiling and patched a spot in the nursery

-Put the crib together

nusery after sanding ceiling copy

Doesn’t the nursery look GREAT?!?!  Not… but we are headed in the right direction.  After we clean up the mess that was made from the sanding, we will be ready to paint.

-Batch cooked roasted tomato and basil soup AND vegetable beef turkey soup for when after the baby comes

tomatoes copy

We also enjoyed a bowl of the roasted tomato and basil soup and it was yummy in our tummies if I must say so myself.

And after all of that, I was completely worn out… seriously, I could barely walk.  And what’s bad is that J.C. did 3 items on the list all by himself.  I didn’t mention it in my 30 week bumpdate post because it wasn’t an issue then, but I’m really struggling at this point in my pregnancy.  I’ll be 32 weeks, which is the beginning of the 8th month, on Thursday.  As bad as I want to feel good, I just don’t most days.  But you know what, it will all be worth it when I get to hold my sweet child for the first time and tell him how much I love him.  ♥

So, did you get anything accomplished this last weekend?  If so, leave me a comment below and tell me what you crossed off the old to-do list.  It feels SO good to know that we are getting some things accomplished that need to be done before our little guy arrives.  And if you are on Instagram, tag your pictures with the new hashtag #WWDLW!!!


2 thoughts on “#WWDLW

  1. I spent the entire last two months “batch cooking” and freezing them. LOL I remember one day Jacob came home and asked what I did and I said “I cooked ALL. DAY. LONG.” He said, “That’s great! What’s for dinner?” My answer, “…. [cricket]….I don’t know… I froze everything.” Then proceeded to cry because, lets face it, at 8-9 months birds singing can make you cry. Haha
    Hang in there girly! It will be over before you know it! Your home is looking wonderful!

    • Yep, that sounds like something I would do! I was listening to the radio this morning and they were playing the song that’s played at graduation and my eyes started to tear up. How crazy is that? Hormones!!! Thanks for the comment about our home. Slowly but surely we are getting there!

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