Hey all!  Thanks for letting me take some much needed time away.  I appreciate it.  J.C. and I took a trip to Gulf Shores to spend some time together (alone) one last time before the baby arrives.  It was so bittersweet.  Of course, this won’t be the last trip we ever take by ourselves, but it was the last one that we will ever take and not come home to a baby/toddler/teenager/grown children or take a child with us.

You see, we’ve been together for almost 11 years (7.5 of those married) and I just think that we have something super special.  Here’s the first picture that was ever taken of us together… we weren’t even “dating” yet.  I was 15, he was 18.


I’m sure that every couple thinks they have something no other couple has… but I truly believe it.  We don’t fight/argue much, we can’t stay mad at each other for more than 10 minutes, we have the same morals/values, we are both loving and kind-hearted.  The list could just go on and on, but what I’m trying to say is that we are a good match and we try hard to always make things work and make sure the other person is happy.  When he’s happy, I’m happy.  When I’m happy, he’s happy.

It’s been so much fun these last 7.5 years.  We’ve traveled together, prayed together, laughed together, fished together, fought together, cried together, eaten many meals at the dining room table together, watched movies together, redone 4 houses together (and didn’t kill each other)… and we’ve truly enjoyed every minute of it… even the hard parts.

And now, in 10 weeks (or less) it won’t be just J.C. and Rosalind.  It will be J.C. and Rosalind and the baby.  Not that I’m sad about having a baby, because I couldn’t be more ecstatic, but I’m sad that the alone time we’ve had together is coming to an end.  Everyone says, “everything changes when you have a baby…” and I’m nervous about that change.  I don’t want our special bond to end or fizzle.  We will still make a big effort to stay close.  I may be calling some of you for baby sitting so that we can go out and still have that “alone time.”  I don’t care what anybody else says or thinks, my relationship with my husband has to be an important priority and come first.

As we were leaving the condo, preparing to come home from our babymoon, I got a lump in my throat and misty-eyed. I knew it was a beautiful ending and beginning all at the same time. I love you J.C. Ross… I am so glad you are my best friend and for the special bond we have and can’t wait to see you become the best daddy ever.


3 thoughts on “Bittersweet

  1. I got teary eyed and a lump in my throat when I read this! I remember the feeling! We were coming back from Minneapolis with our new car, from our babymoon. I wasn’t just sad, I was in pain! Ha, didn’t know I was actually about to be in labor and have her that next week! But things definitely change, but…. For the better 🙂 definitely changes in vacations, what’s baby friendly??? do we want to travel that far??? But it will come more natural to you, and you honestly won’t mind those changes. And taking a date night for yourselves often, is a must! And as soon as you leave the baby with the babysitter the first few times, you will cry and feel like your a bad parent! But you guys will be far from bad parents!! 😊 but get ready for change! Change for the better!!!

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