May Hopes

Each month this year I’m setting some “hopes”.  A lot of them involve the help of my hubby, J.C., but I don’t inform him of these “hopes” until they are already written down and shared with you guys.  Oooppss.  Sorry honey!  But they are just that, hopes… we hope to get them done, but if we don’t, we aren’t too hard on ourselves.  We didn’t fair so well last month, so here’s to hoping that May is a success!

1.  Paint the nursery-  You guys… this has to happen!!  Come rain or shine, I’ll get that nursery painted.  Right now, I have a fairly empty May.  People, please don’t ask me to do anything because I have a hard time saying no and don’t want to feel obligated.  Please let me just get this little guy’s room painted.  As of right now, I have 2 totally free weekends and one that is about 1/2 free.  I need to be like Scarlett from Gone with the Wind and say, “As God as my witness, I’ll never say yes to any requests asked of me in the month of May 2015.”  Ok, that’s a little extreme but I’m dramatic so…  I also don’t have any obligations on any single night the whole month (except church).  Let’s see if I can keep it that way!!

2.  Patch and paint the ceiling in the master bathroom-  This is SO minor and that’s why I’m putting it on the list.  Last month we had 5 big projects on the list and basically failed miserably.  I’m trying to set myself up for success!  When we installed the pendant lights and recessed light/ventilation fan in our master bathroom, J.C. had a bit of trouble in the attic and we ended up with a flew blemishes on the ceiling… so they need to be patched and painted.  It seriously shouldn’t take me more than 5 seconds to get this job done!  See the little blemishes in the photo below?  Those are the ones…


3.  Replace some of the switches and outlets-  I would like to say that every.single.switch in the whole house will be replaced (most of them are brown or cream and we are changing them to white) but I’d be delusional.  It’s a big goal because it takes some time, it’s tedious, and you have to be careful, but if we do a little here and there or a room a week, we will be done by the end of the month.  Most of our switches are hanging out of the wall like this (no good):

light swithches hanging out (2)

4.  Paint nursery door and install handle-  The nursery door is installed but there is no handle and it isn’t painted either.  Those are both pretty important to have done before our little guy arrives.  Another super easy project that I could knock out (without J.C.’s help) in three evenings… two nights to paint and the other to install the hardware.  I have already painted our bedroom door, the walk-in pantry door, and the inside of the patio door in the same color, Sealskin by Sherwin Williams, and we are loving them!!

5.  Finish one room at the Etheridge house–  We are so close to having a handful of the rooms finished that I can taste it.  And guess what it tastes like?!  Paint and success.  I’ll keep you updated for sure.  Next on our list is finishing the larger of the bathrooms and getting the rest of the painting done!!

We really need to get on the ball on some of our projects because once our little guy gets here I’m going to be worthless!! Cheers to an awesome May!

P.S. Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve been up to…


3 thoughts on “May Hopes

  1. That view is beautiful! Be sure and pet a seagull and chase a $5 bill for me! Or maybe you and JC could have the fun and bait dumb blondes like me ! Lol. Love you both, Mom 🙂

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