April Hopes Update

I went ahead and finished up this post before we left for our Beach Babymoon.  I’m sure J.C. and I stuffing our faces full of seafood or basking in the sun… or maybe playing in the water.  Either way, we are so glad to be able to get away one last time before our little guy arrives. 

Oh Geez you guys!!!  April was almost as big of a bust as January.  We didn’t do good at all.  These hopes that we set each month are just that – “hopes”… but it does feel good to get them accomplished.  And when we don’t, I try not to beat myself up too much, but it still kinda stinks.  At least we can say that we tried on some of them.  Oh and in case you didn’t see my April Hopes post, just click here.

(My original hopes will be in bold and the update will be in regular text.)

1.  Paint the fireplace.  It did cross my mind one Saturday, but then I didn’t do anything but lay on the couch.  #majorfail  This is still on my to-do list, but that insert needs to come out before I can get it done so it unfortunately still looks like this.  It’s totally not jiving with the rug and I ain’t digging it…


2.  Stain and hang the barn door to our master bathroom.  I started staining it light (which was gorgeous) and then we decided it wasn’t a big enough contrast to our walls in the bedroom so then I started staining it dark… we are going with dark.  But I’m not done staining it so that means that it isn’t hung.  It is looking very pretty and I can’t wait to finish that up and show it off!!

3.  Make an upholstered headboard for our master bedroom.  The fact that we didn’t accomplish this one isn’t totally our fault.  All of our supplies, minus the foam, came in very quickly.  But I swear that you would have thought the foam came over on a slow boat from China.  What really happened is that we don’t have a mailbox at our house (just a PO box at the post office) and the foam was shipped USPS.  Since we don’t have a mailbox out by the road, USPS will not leave anything at our house… even if it will or will not fit in the mailbox that “should” be there.  It’s a bit absurd.  To make a long story short, it finally arrived but not in time for us to start and finish the headboard before we left for our babymoon.  We do plan on getting that done soon though!

4.  Paint or plank/paint the nursery.  It crossed my mind but that was about it…

5.  Clean off the patio and hang my café string lights.  We have almost everything gone.  There is a stack of sheetrock that we didn’t end up using that we need to get rid of but only want to move once… so that is holding us up.  I’m still excited about getting this done, but it sadly didn’t happen in April.

It’s a good thing that this isn’t a test or something, because I think we may have gotten a “F”.  But you know what?  It doesn’t matter.  We will get to all of it soon enough.  I did want to add that we did get a handful of things accomplished in April that weren’t on the April Hopes list but were on my list that I keep in my head (which isn’t a safe place)  🙂

-Did a lot of work at the Etheridge House- we are getting there!  Here’s some evidence…

paint cupjpg

-Cut in and painted the master walk-in closet and nailed down all of our plans (which was sort of a March Hope).  I’m not adding this to the May Hopes list but don’t be surprised when it transpires… and yes I’ll tell ya all about it when we are done!

-Hung 2 out of 3 towel bars in the master bathroom- something simple but makes me feel a lot more sane.  You can see one of them in the photo below…


I’ll get my May Hopes to you guys and gals real soon.  That nursery painting business might make a re-appearance because I’m due in about 2.5 months.  Once we get it painted, everything else can transpire in there.  I don’t like last minute so we HAVE to get on that!!  Did any of you set any hopes for April?  Did you accomplish them?  Let’s hope you did better than us!

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