Bush Wacking or Whacking?

Before I started this post, I had to look up how to spell ‘wacking’.  Apparently you can spell it wacking or whacking?!  Either way is fine with me.  Do you know the correct way to spell it?  I don’t, so I just put both.  And I also found out that apparently when you type in ‘bush whacking’ you might possibly get results for adult content or alcoholic beverages…. who knew?!  Not me!

Today, we aren’t going to be discussing adult content or beverages… we are talking about cutting down bushes.  Both J.C. and I have a little bit of a love-hate relationship with shrubs and bushes.  We like them and the “warmth” that they can add to a house’s curb appeal, but we don’t like super structured shrubs.  Wait a minute… let me back up.  If we lived in a house that looked like this, we might would prefer plants and bushes/shrubs with structure because it just looks better with a house like this one.

But… we don’t live in a house like that.  Our house looks like this:


And in our own personal opinion, we think it would look better and you could actually see our house if the landscaping wasn’t so structured.  Side note:  I may like bushes/shrubs without structure because I’m a very planned person that has everything written in stone in her calendar… basically I’m pretty structured.  So maybe I want my bushes to speak the opposite?!  I digress.

Anyways, we decided that most of the bushes, shrubs, and trees that directly surrounded the house would be removed or transplanted.  Now, I’m sure that some of you are thinking, “OMG THE MONEY THAT WAS SPENT ON THOSE BUSHES!!!”  And yes, you probably have a valid point; however, we just don’t like them.  Somebody could buy me a $10,000 blouse, but if it’s hideous, the fact that it was 10k has no relevance, right?!

So, we have proceeded in cutting down the bushes.  Some of our neighbors told us that it would also help with bugs and mosquitoes by not having all of those tall bushes and trees up next to the house.  If you know anything about SE Arkansas mosquitoes, you would be saying “AMEN SISTA” to that.  They are awful down here… especially now that I’m pregnant.

J.C. actually did all of the cutting down- aka- bush wacking and I helped him clean up and haul off.  I’m not really sure what types of plants these were but I’m assuming they’ve been there for a long time because they had very large root bases.  Those will eventually have to be dug up with a shovel.  #moreworkforJC



The fun part was the hauling off!  We ended up with a huge pile of trimmings, branches, etc. and were both just kind of standing there staring at it wondering what the heck we should do with them.  J.C. got the bright idea to haul them to the pond and throw them in.  Fish love to bed up around stuff like that so it was a pretty good idea.  But… how will we get all of this crap out to the pond?  A Rhino and a boat, that’s how!!!


Yes, he is basically a genius.  And from now on you can call us the Red Neck Yacht Club.  You are welcome!!  What was really funny was the outfit I had on when we were doing all of this.  I didn’t take a picture (thank God) but it consisted of a sweat shirt, night gown, J.C.’s sock, and rubber boots.  Can you see it?  It was super sexy!!  When your house burned a year ago and you lost all of your clothes and then you are pregnant on top of that, you’ll basically wear whatever you have that fits.  🙂

Just in case you are wondering how everything went down, I documented it for you.  It was pretty fun actually.  You should have been there!

As for the rest of the bushes/shrubs and what our future plans are, well, we aren’t really sure.  We do know one thing, we like being able to see the house a little more so we definitely won’t be going back with a lots of tall shrubs/trees/bushes.  Also, as I’ve mentioned before, we talk about painting the brick exterior at least once a week.  By having all of these shrubs gone, it will make the job that much easier.  We are hoping (and crossing our fingers) that project will transpire before the end of the year.

This post has gotten very lengthy, so I better let you run.  Next time we cut some more bushes down, I’ll call you before hand so you can join in on the fun… I’ll even let you ride in the boat.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t tip over!  I hate to admit it, but that would be so HILARIOUS!!!

P.S.  I may or may not be posting next week.  Let’s just call it a vacation.  If I do, it will just be a bonus… but don’t hold your breath.  I’ll try to get back to a schedule the first week of May or so!  #babymoon #beachbound


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