Warming Up The Living Room

Remember our rug debacle?!  Oh… you missed that post?  It’s probably the most dramatic one I’ve ever written.  If you have a weak stomach, you may not want to read it.  I probably should have mentioned that on the original post but I forgot.  Ooppsss!  We will blame it on pregnancy brain.  I blame everything on pregnancy brain!

Anyways, J.C. and I thought we needed a rug in the living room to warm things up a bit.  Even though our furniture had come in and we arranged it like we wanted, the room still felt very open and cold.  And the seating arrangement wasn’t very defined.  We just KNEW that the rug would fit the bill.  And it did!

I won’t go into great detail about what happened to it when it was less than a week old (you’ll just have to read the post) but I am here to proudly say that it survived.  I am a living testament to say that a jute rug can in fact be washed and air dried and used again.  Thank the Lord!  Here’s the proof to show you that it still looks brand new (well… it is brand new).  🙂


You can’t even tell that there were any “stains”, can you?!  We turned it over to the other side (thankful that we could actually do that) and laid it out in the living room.  Since jute is a natural fiber, it smelled like grass or twine in our living room for a few days.  After it aired out, we sprinkled it with lots of baking soda just for the heck of it.  J.C. mentioned that if there were any funky smells, baking soda would fix.it.up.  There weren’t any smells but we figured it couldn’t hurt.  I left the baking soda on there for a week at least and then vacuumed it all up.

As a refresher, here is how our living room started out (before we moved in) and then when there was just furniture (no rug)…



The rug is such a nice touch to the living room and even though it’s just a rug, I’m glad we were able to salvage it.  It surely sets the stage for the furniture and defines our sitting area of the living room perfectly.  To further “warm up the living room” we have quiet a few more things we need to accomplish/purchase.

First off, I need some color!  People, please… give me some color.  So far, everything thing in the room is a neutral and I wanted something colorful in here like last century.  I’m on the hunt for some fab, colorful throw pillows and blankets as well as art and accessories.  We also need curtains and I’m thinking I’ll pick those up in Dallas in May at Ikea (I’m traveling for work).  They are SO SUPER AFFORDABLE and have them in the 96″ length, which is what we prefer.  I’ve already accumulated a few things here and there but still need to fill in the blanks.

My favorite colors to decorate with are blues, grays, greens, and yellows.  You’ll more than likely see a mixture of those in this room.  To me, those are just really happy colors that play nice with each other and are still neutral enough to “go” with the décor in other areas of the house.  Now I just need to find the time to go shopping and then get stuff done!

So, is your living room just the way you want it?  Ours is far from it but we are trying to enjoy it in every stage… even the stages that feel a little cold and less homey.  Tip:  To change the look of your living room up in just minutes, take everything (art, accessories, pillow, and throws) out of the room and shop the rest of your house.  Try to use items from other rooms to bring into the living room.  Then, run to TJ Maxx or Home Goods and pick up a few new throw pillows for super cheap and voila- you’ve got a brand new living room.  You are welcome!

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