The Writing on the Wall

So… this post isn’t your typical R Squared Interiors post.  There won’t be any pretty pictures, far from it actually.  I hope that it comes across as real and genuine and inspires you, because it is truly coming from the heart!  Here goes…

Our home is nowhere near finished.  And when I say nowhere, I really mean nowhere.  More than half of the electrical outlets are literally hanging out of the walls and every time I go to flip a switch it drives me batty.

light swithches hanging out (2)

The whole house needs quarter round (some people call it shoe moulding)… and when I say the whole house, I mean all 10 rooms.  Every time I sweep the floors, it reminds me that we still haven’t gotten that project done either.

no qtr round (2)

With some many undone projects, I start to get anxious, unsettled, and sometimes even unappreciative.  Thoughts race through my mind like…  what will people think when they come over and see these electrical outlets hanging out of the wall?  Will they judge me?  Will they think we are just too lazy to get it done?  Or I sometimes think to myself, “I sure hope such and such doesn’t notice this or that when they come over…”

Those type of thoughts lead to very negative feelings… a place that my mind really shouldn’t be going.  I remind myself that a house does not become a home the second you move in and totally renovating a WHOLE HOUSE doesn’t happen overnight.  And as a matter of fact, when it all boils down to it, none of that stuff is really important at the end of the day.  Here is what’s really important:

-We’re happy, healthy, in love, and truly blessed by an amazing God

-We have family and friends that love and support us… even when our house looks like a hot mess

-God doesn’t want us to be anxious or worry… so we shouldn’t (it’s easier said that done)

I got up one morning, rolled out of bed and went to our unfinished master bathroom.  Normally my eyes and mind immediately gravitate to all of the undone things… no quarter round, unpainted beadboard, the offset window over the tub that makes me twitch, and so on and so forth.  But on that particular morning, the sun was shining in at just the right angle and I caught a glimpse of the writing on the wall…

writing on the wall final2

I was beaming brighter than the sun.  My heart swelled and I just wanted to melt.  This my friends is what really matters.  You see, even though I thought I had washed the walls really well before we moved in, I obviously missed a spot.  And J.C. noticed and decided to write a love note in the dust.  “Love You Rozy”… In that precious moment, I was so in love with the fact that I missed a spot and that my house was “undone.”

So, the next time you get down about your circumstances, which are probably a million times better than most people in the world, remember to stop and think about what really matters.  It’s those little moments in time that make your heart swell.  The electrical outlets will eventually be switched from brown to white and put back in the walls… but until then… it doesn’t really matter anyways 🙂




One thought on “The Writing on the Wall

  1. You’re so right- it doesn’t matter! We shouldn’t be lazy and we should be responsible, hard-working adults but we should also not stress over things. Patience is a virtue- especially when remodeling a home! Anything worth having takes time and effort. I’ve learned over time that it just adds to our anxiety and frustration to get impatient with such matters. And… I’m glad you found your sweet message! JC is a keeper 🙂
    Love you, mom 🙂

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