The Chamber of Love

Today, as promised, I’m showing you the chamber of love- aka- our master bedroom.  I’ve always wanted a nice, spacious master bedroom and now we’ve got one.  To me, it’s important that you spend extra time and effort on your master bedroom because you need to take care of yourself and your spouse… and having a calm and relaxing bedroom is the perfect way to do just that!

In our previous home, which I loved dearly and still miss until this day, we had a master bedroom that was long and narrow with 4 doors and 2 offset windows… in ONE room.  Yeah, there was a lot going on in there.  The bed could only be put in one spot and the curtains had to be hung a certain way to hide those offset windows, which were behind the bed.  The room was a decent size and I’m very appreciative for what we had, but it also helped me to map this bedroom out a little better.

If you’ll think back to when I started writing this blog, which was over a year ago now, we turned two small bedrooms into one BIG bedroom.  I don’t regret that decision one bit.  If you missed that post or haven’t been following along for very long, just click here.  I love our new master bedroom, even in its unfinished form.  These pictures probably don’t do the space any justice.  It’s so lovely in the morning light as we wake up… very calm and relaxing.  I’ll show you all of the photos and then give you sources on where items came from/costs under each photo… and what we have planned for the rest of this space.


I’m so not a good photographer.  If you would like to see it in person, this is your personal invitation to drop by and see our place… even the master bedroom.  I can’t promise there won’t be some dirty socks on J.C.’s side of the bed, but come on over anyways!


The comforter is just a white duvet insert from Ross that my aunt bought me right after our house burned last year in February.  I normally have a duvet cover on the bed but like to change things up.  This is just what was on there when I snapped the photos.


The rug is from Overstock.  A while back, I showed you some rugs that I was crushing on and then didn’t get any of those… I got this one instead.  Right now it is priced at $439 but I got this beauty for $373!  It is so fabulous, hides dirt well (J.C., I’m talking to you) and is just what we were looking for.  The colors are amazing… sort of muted but still very pretty.

We I found the night stands on One Kings Lane, which is a daily flash sale website.  I’d love to send you an invitation to get their daily sales.  Just leave a comment below with your name and email and I’ll send one your way!  They were originally a bit more expensive, but I got them for $59 a night stand.  It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but the night stands are not the same color as the walls, just wanted to make that clear.  They do have some bluish/gray undertones but they also have a little bit of a mushroomy color to them as well.  They used to look like this…


But now they look like this…


I quickly changed out the knobs to those cute little pulls from Hobby Lobby just to add a little character.  Aren’t they sweet?  There was nothing wrong with the old knobs, I just thought these were better  🙂

That yellow lamp on J.C.’s side of the bed isn’t staying… I was just trying to get an idea of what size lamp we want to use on our nightstand.  J.C. said nothing bigger than this one and possibly a little bit smaller.  He’s probably right.  If we get one that big, we won’t have room for much else.  My water bottle on the nightstand is crucial right now with the pregnant woman… must.have.water!

That little towel hook on J.C.’s side is from Anthropologie.  I picked it up when Mom and I were in California.  J.C. is a little bit of a “oh I’ll just throw this on the floor” kind of guy (aren’t they all?!) so that hook gives him a little nudge in the right direction to hang stuff up, like his bath towel or robe.  Love ya honey!



The curtains are from Ikea.  I talked about them here and promised you that I’d show them off when we got them hung.  Promise is signed, sealed, and delivered.  You are welcome!  They still need to be hemmed to the correct length.  Right now we just have them puddled at the bottom.  It works for now.  And the bamboo blinds (which we LOVE) are the same ones that we put in the living room except with a privacy liner.  We really like them… like a lot!  Not only do they add privacy to our room, but a lot of character as well.

And the other end of the room, where we would love to eventually have a sitting area, looks like this right now!


Just in case you are wondering, the dog is priceless!  You can’t put a number on that little stinker.  Back to the sitting area.  We got the wooden dresser from Ann Tee Keys, which was one of my Monthly Merchants.  It’s solid wood and we’ve enjoyed it so far.  The other dresser, which was given to us after our house burned last year, is normally in the master closet that you can see in the distance but we pulled it out just the other day so that I could cut in on the painting.  If we aren’t too worn out, we are going to paint it this evening.  It’s a really large closet, but a small room in comparison to all the other rooms in our house so it might take 30 minutes top to paint.

Once the closet is painted, the dresser won’t go back in there.  It’s not particularly our style but still a very nice piece of furniture, so I’m sure somebody would love to have it!  If all goes well, we will have the closet finished by the end of the month.  Cross your fingers for us!  Among a very long list of things to do, we also need to hang the door to the master bathroom and make a headboard, which are both part of our April Hopes.

Well, I’ve seriously rambled enough about this one room.  If you are still awake and could possibly have any questions, just leave them below and I’ll do my best to answer them.  I can’t wait for this room to transform over time.  We plan on finding things here and there and adding them as we go.  I love for a room to look very collected, so I know it will eventually be so fabulous.


4 thoughts on “The Chamber of Love

  1. The blue gray isynnew favorite color I think. I used to love tan, but I think grays look cleaner and fresher. And that picture of Scooter is priceless.

    • Thanks Sarah. I feel the same way. Tan is definitely a safe choice but those gray undertones are so clean and relaxing. We haven’t regretted our decisions. And isn’t he great?

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