LaLa Baby

So, as most of you know by now, we are expecting.  In case you missed my “bumpdates”, click here and here.  I’m more than 1/2 way done (26 weeks today) and starting to think a lot about the nursery and what our little guy will be like.  I want his nursery to have so many special sentiments in it… like things that J.C. and I put our time and effort into.

If you aren’t aware, his daddy (J.C. that is) is an artist.  He knows how to draw, paint, and throw pottery.  We like to think that we are kind of handy with DIY projects.  I’ve got family and friends that paint and sew.  His nursery will be that much more special filled with those precious items.

My mom was in town recently and said she had something for me.  Something she found in the attic at her house.  It was LaLa Baby.

lala baby

I know she looks pretty rough but she was my “baby” when I was growing up.   Like my favorite one… none of the other babies were as special as she was.  She isn’t anything fancy.  Her hair is made of brown yarn.  Her eyes are just little pieces of black material.  And yeah, one is missing and it looks like its been stabbed and maybe colored.  Her dress is very humble and looks pretty old-fashioned.  But guess what?  I still love her.

Would you like to know how she got her name?  She has this little crank on her back.

lala baby2

I used to crank her up all of the time as a child and she would sing a little song.  There where no words is was just, “la la la la la”… I can still sing that song in my head.  The tune is “It’s a Small World.”  She doesn’t crank up anymore, but that’s okay.  She is pretty old so I guess that is common.

Even though we are having a boy and LaLa Baby is a girl, I am going to put it in his room.  I’m sure he won’t play with it but at least he will see it and when he gets older I can tell him that it was Momma’s baby when she was little like him.  J.C. also has a little sock monkey somewhere that was packed up before the fire so it survived.  I just need to find him and clean him up.

Isn’t it special when you can pass down some of your memories to your children?  I can’t wait!  I would much rather have a nursery filled with special items from our childhoods or handcrafted items from friends and family than a nursery with all new stuff.  Do you know what I mean?  I just means more.

Did you have a special baby growing up?  Do you still have it?  If not, do you know what might have happened to it?  I’m so glad that my mother saved LaLa Baby.  She’s pretty special- my mom and the baby doll.  🙂

One thought on “LaLa Baby

  1. Your post makes me think of Patch! I still have the Dalmatian in my bedroom. And I mean my current bedroom, not my childhood bedroom. He comes with me everywhere. He will be in our future child’s nursery. I think this idea is precious.

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