April Hopes

If you are an avid reader, you know what this post is all about.  If you are new here, I set “hopes” instead of goals for each month.  I “hope” to get these tasks accomplished, but if not, I don’t beat myself up.  By sharing them with my readers, it puts a little pressure on me to get them done.  We failed miserably in January, but did better in February and March.  I’ll link to those posts at the bottom of this one.  Here we go…

1.  Paint the fireplace.  Here’s a mockup of what we’re going for.


Yeah, I kinda stink at Photoshop.  Oh well!  I’ve only got one thing holding me up on this quick little project… the insert.  It has to come out before I can paint but it’s really heavy.  I’m pregnant and J.C. will hardly let me lift up on anything, so there’s NO WAY we could get that thing out by ourselves.  Easter Sunday is coming and there are going to be some strong males in my family that will be in town.  Maybe they will come see the renovations at my house and help J.C. take that thing out.  Not dropping hints here… not at all  😉

2.  Stain and hang the barn door to our master bathroom.  The door is in and the hardware has been sitting in the corner for months.  I just need to decide if we want to pickle the door (which is like a white wash/stain) or stain it a darker color.  Here are some inspiration pics… what do you think????

louvered doors

Or something more like this?!

3.  Make an upholstered headboard for our master bedroom.  In this post a while back, I asked you guys if we should go with a neutral headboard or one that was dark gray?  We decided that we wanted to go with the dark gray… for two reasons.  I already have the fabric (which is extra curtains that I accidently bought) and it will hide stains better.  Win-win!  I went ahead and ordered the batting, upholstery needle and thread, foam, nailhead, and spray adhesive.  It should be here soon!  I mentioned to J.C. that I got all the stuff for the making of the headboard and he seemed thrilled.  #not

gray headboard

4.  Paint or plank/paint the nursery.  I still really want to plank it like I talked about in this post… and here’s some eye candy.

Wouldn’t that be fabulous in his nursery?  Those were our original plans before we found out we were expecting.  Now he’s on his way and time is of the essence and I worry we just won’t have the time.  If that happens to happen, we will just have to paint the paneling.  That’s not what I want to do, but sometimes you have to do things to keep your sanity.  If J.C. will help me with the planking of the room, we’ll do it.  PLEASE HONEY!!!!

5.  Clean off the patio and hang my café string lights.  We’ve started cleaning off the patio already but it’s not anywhere near done.  There are some things that I can’t move by myself, so once again, I’ll need my man.  And he isn’t getting any slower at work, the opposite actually.  Once totally cleaned off, it will need a good pressure washing.  Do either of my brothers want to let me borrow theirs?!  The first thing I’m doing once its clean is hanging the café string lights.  It’s going to look so awesome and I can’t wait!!!  In the meantime, I’ll be dreaming of this…

Here’s how we faired in months past:

January Hopes and January Hopes Update

February Hopes and February Hopes Update

March Hopes and March Hopes Update

So, I’ve actually got a million other things on my to-do list than these hopes but these are the ones I’m sharing with you guys.  I have 15 weeks left in my pregnancy and definitely feel a sense of urgency to get some things D.O.N.E!!!  As you already know, I’ll keep you updated on all my adventures!  The good, the bad, and the ugly 🙂




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