It’s Just a Rug

Hhmmm…. Where should I start with this story exactly?  It’s a juicy one either way but has a happy ending so that’s a plus!

The moment we set our living room furniture up we looked at each other and said, “we need a rug.”  It just didn’t feel very warm, welcoming, homey, etc., etc., etc.  We also needed it to define the seating area space because our living room is sort of narrow and long.  We both agreed that a rug would help set that area apart from the other end of the room, which is the front entry of our home.

So, we started looking at picture online on sites like Houzz and Pinterest.  I also scrolled through a few catalogs.  I started noticing that I really liked living rooms with rugs that took a back seat to the rest of the décor.  Ones that would sort of “blend in” with the room.  A rug that would act as a back up singer, not the lead.  Then I showed J.C. some rugs and he seemed to be liking the same ones.  We were drawn to sisal, jute, natural, neutral, and the likes.

That led me on the search for the “perfect” rug for our living room.  We got the tape measure out and determined that we would need an 8′ by 10′ and if the price was right, a 9′ by 12′ would work well too!  I told J.C. that the rug probably wouldn’t be cheap because those are the bigger sizes… but that I would do my best to find one on sale.

I found a few on Ballard, Wayfair, and Overstock that we both liked and all of the prices were about the same.  The great thing about the rug we both loved from Ballard is that you could get a swatch.  So, we ordered three different swatches from them and waited with baited breath for them to come in… at least I did anyways.  🙂

They arrived, I threw them on the floor and we immediately agreed on the one we liked.  The braided jute rug (8′ by 10′) in Driftwood.  Here’s what it looked like online.

driftwood jute rug


It was just the look we were going for… backup dancer to our living room.

I noticed a day or two later that Ballard was offering 15% off sitewide so I pulled the trigger.  I hate making big purchases like that (especially sight unseen) because I have such horrible buyers remorse; however, J.C. and I both felt like a rug would “make” the room, so I had it shipped our way.

A cool $350 and a few days later, it arrived at the house.  J.C. called to tell me that he wrestled with it but finally got it inside.  When I got home, he couldn’t wait to unroll it and see what it looked like.  We laid it out and it was pretty perfect.  Since it’s braided and jute, it was sort of like a foot massage under our feet.  We felt like it would get softer with time and hide dirt really well.  Here’s a quick picture I snapped with my phone one night while sitting on the other couch…

rug before poop copy

Ok, I hope I haven’t lost you yet because the story is really just beginning!  Our outside dog, Sunshine, has a wireless pet containment system.  Basically she wears a collar that will give her a warning when she gets too close to the boundary line.  If she crosses the boundary line, she will get shocked and run back in.  Well, something was wrong with the transmitter/receiver and she had figured that out.

We were leaving town Saturday morning and J.C. didn’t want her to get in the highway near our house and get ran over.  Needless to say, we laid a blanket down in our future nursery (which is empty as of now) and “locked” her in there with food and water.

I texted my sister-in-law and asked her if she would stop by the house to let her out as she had been in the room for a while.  A little later she was calling J.C.’s phone.  I was sitting beside him and could hear the whole conversation.  She said that Sunshine had somehow espaced from the nursery and was found laying on our new couches when she got to the house.  “I was in a hurry but there may have been an accident or two on your rug.”

I stayed calm.  There was nothing I could do about it from 3 hours away and I was hoping that the accident she saw was a shadow.  And if it wasn’t, I figured it would be fairly easy to clean up.  We arrived home around 6 pm on Sunday night to this:



Yes, that’s 4 piles of dog diarrhea, 1 pile of dog vomit, and 2 large pools (about 5 gallons a piece) of pee… all over our brand new rug that wasn’t even a week old.  And guess what?  I still remained calm.  I knew that there was simply nothing I could do about it at this point.  I assessed the damage and knew that the whole rug would have to be sprayed down with the water hose, which is basically a no-no with a jute rug… but it was worth a shot to save the rug.

I cleaned up the pee on the floor, covered the “dirty” spots with paper towels, we rolled the rug up together, and hauled it outside.  We came up with a genius idea of laying it across this pole and then putting that pole on an old swing set frame that we had on the property.

jc cleaning rug

It worked pretty well!  J.C. proceeded to spray down the rug with the water hose and then with a mixture of soap, vinegar, and water.  He then rinsed it and we hoped for the best.

It sat in the sun for a few days and it will probably be salvageable… if we turn it over.  Here’s the deal folks: it’s just a rug.  Simply a rug.  It isn’t a human being… it doesn’t have feelings… I can’t take it with me when I die… it’s a material object… and the list just goes on and on and on.

For a moment, I wanted to have a major meltdown.  I mean, the dog had just had diarrhea all over my 5 day old rug.  What else did anyone expect me to do other than have a meltdown?  But, I decided that wouldn’t make the situation any better.  It wouldn’t clean the rug or undo what had been done.

The strange thing is, in 8 years, Sunshine has never had an accident in the house… not once.  Of course, she isn’t an inside dog, nor is she accustomed to being left inside alone… so her circumstances had changed.  And I need to add one more thing… the happy ending!

On Tuesday of that same week, her one and only 7 to 8 week old puppy went missing.  Sunshine had gone for a swim in the creek and we assumed the puppy followed her.  It’s been raining here a lot and the creek had a lot of current.  We knew that Sunshine would have been fine but if that puppy had followed her into the creek, it was a goner.  J.C. searched for it for probably 1.5 hours with no luck.

On Saturday, probably while Sunshine was ruining the rug, our neighbor called and asked if we were looking for a little black puppy.  Yes!!!! It was alive and J.C. was so happy and relieved.

I have a theory.  Sunshine had probably been going over to the neighbors house to check on the puppy and then coming home in the evenings.  When we locked her up Saturday morning, she couldn’t get over there.  She tried to eat her way out of the nursery, literally!  I’ll show pictures of that some other time.  She eventually got the door open to get out of the nursery but couldn’t escape the rest of the house.  She probably just wanted out to go check on her puppy.

So, this is the moral of the story… it’s all our fault.  In more ways than one.  When her collar quit working, we should have gotten it fixed.  We shouldn’t have put her in that room.  We should have looked harder for that puppy.  We might not should have bought a rug that is so hard to clean if there were to be an accident.  Woulda, coulda, shoulda!  But in the long run, it’s still just a rug.

After our previous home burned just over a year ago, I’ve got a different perspective on life and “stuff.”  It’s just stuff!!!!!  If J.C. and the dogs and our baby (who is due in July) and family/friends are all okay and healthy and alive, life will be okay.  Everything can be replaced.  At the end of that day, I actually said a prayer as I was drifting off to sleep.  I thanked God for teaching me a little lesson in patience because he surely knows I’ll need it with a dirty little boy running around 🙂


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