The Perfect Fabrics and Rug

Well, I’ve been having a hard time deciding how we would decorate our little guy’s nursery but when I asked you guys what to do the other day my mom left a comment that really sank in.  Motherly advice is always the best isn’t it?!  She told me to find something I really like and go from there.  She also said not to worry about incorporating an item because you already have it.  She was referring to this piece of fabric.

nursery fabric

I had originally bought two yards of this on sale at Hobby Lobby and was trying so hard to make it work for the nursery but that’s just silly. So, I decided that if I could incorporate it I would, but if not that was okay too. It’s intended purpose was for a guest room, not a nursery.

That lead my to finally looking at fabrics that didn’t have to go with this one.  J.C. told me that he wanted his room to look like a little boy, not one that could possibly be mistaken as a girly room.  Keeping that in mind, I ran across this fabric and was kind of smitten.  (P.S.  All of the fabric swatches are from  Just click on them for direct links)


If you know us, this fabric is a perfect fit.  We both like being outdoors.  We both love to fish.  I have some sort of weird obsession with feathers (they are just so unique and beautiful) and the list just goes on and on.  Need I say more?!  This fabric HAS TO BE in little man’s room.  And guess what?!  I showed it to J.C. and he said it was really cute.  Yay!!  We have a winner.  Another great thing about this fabric is that it goes with my beloved rocker that I’m still itching to purchase.


Don’t you think they will go together?  If you haven’t heard by now, that’s my mantra.  It’s doesn’t have to match, it just has to go.  And if you ask me, they go.  I also found two other fabrics that I’m going to be purchasing for different things in his room.  One you’ve already seen (the deer print) and the other is little dots.  It’s actually in the patchwork fabric as well.



This is all leads me to the rug.  World Market was having a sale on their rugs and I headed over to their site to see if I could find anything I couldn’t live without.  I had originally fallen for this one from Wayfair but recently found out it was upwards of $500 and that just wasn’t going to fly.

Safavieh Stonewash Yellow Rug

So, we I saw a blue and yellow rug on sale at World Market and realized I could get an extra 20% off, I immediately put it in my shopping cart.  I sent J.C. a few pics and he gave me his approval.  I couldn’t type in my debit card number fast enough.  It’s an indoor/outdoor rug that is reversible and can be washed with a water hose.  I’ll take it!!!!

little man's roomwrug

little man's roomwrug1

Same rug, just flipped over.  Isn’t it awesome?!  We got it for a song and it’s an 8′ by 10′ so little man will have a lot of soft places to land.  It arrived at our house a few days ago and I took a peek.  It’s perfect!  As you can see in the mood board, that remnant of fabric I bought might actually go with everything… but of it doesn’t, I’ll live.

It feels so good to finally have some decisions made for our little guy’s room.  I think the patchwork fabric will act as a quilt.  The dots will probably be for a crib skirt and the deer fabric will more than likely go on a changing pad.  We shall see when I get it ordered and it all arrives.

So, are you proud of me for finally making a concrete decision in this room?  I know I’m proud of myself.  I thought for a while his room might be void of anything if I couldn’t make up my mind.  And I’m so glad J.C. and I agreed on the items because his opinion really matters to me.  Most people would assume that guys don’t care about decor or “house stuff” but he does and I really appreciate that he cares and likes to give me input, especially when it comes to his little boy 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Fabrics and Rug

  1. I sure am glad you have concrete plans now ;)! I can get to work soon on something to hang up that will match! 😉

  2. good job looks really nice I like it all
    and it all just seems to go together for you and jc and that little one

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