March Hopes

Each month this year I’m setting some “hopes”.  They aren’t necessarily written in stone goals but just items that I hope we can get accomplished.  If we don’t, I won’t beat myself up about it.  If we do happen to meet our “hopes”, I’ll do a little happy dance.  🙂

Here’s the link to our past month’s hopes as well as updates:

January Hopes

January Hopes Update

February Hopes

February Hopes Update

And without further adieu, here are our my March hopes.  I haven’t really told J.C. about them yet.  Oooppsss!

1.  Start our master closet.  Right now, it’s just an empty box with a bunch of junk thrown on the floor and a dresser with J.C.’s clothes that I don’t even think we are going to keep… the dresser, not his clothes.  We’re definitely keeping his clothes.  We’ve lived here for two months (since moving back in after 4 months of renos) and have yet to have a closet in our room.  We’ve been using the smallish closet in the future nursery and it’s starting to get to me.  I know, I know… first world problems.  But hey folks, I didn’t have them build that thang for it to sit empty.  So, we need to figure out how to best utilize our space and get to building.  A while ago, I shared what I wanted out of a closet and asked you guys for help.  Here’s that post and a few inspiration pictures…

2.  Get some work done on the Etheridge house.


The Etheridge house is one of our investment properties, which isn’t finished yet.  Meaning we aren’t making any money off of our investment.  That’s no good, so I want to get something(s) done over there this month.  We just invested in a paint sprayer and a really good respirator for the pregnant lady.  I can see lots of painting in my near future.  For updates on what’s gone on so far at the Etheridge house, just click here.

3.  Get a start on Little Man’s room.  Even if it means just ordering that rocker I’ve got my eye on.  Yeah, this one…

tufted nailhead rocker target

And then after I order it and get it in, maybe I should sit in it for a while and ponder my thoughts and decide what I want to do in there décor wise.  I shared some very loose ideas yesterday for his room, but nothing is concrete just yet.

4.  Hang the curtains in our master bedroom.  I actually bought some curtains at Ikea back in August for our room.  Yes, it’s March.  I’m very well aware of that.  But you have to give me a little break.  We didn’t move back in until December 26th so technically I’m only like 2 months behind on putting them up.  I think they will REALLY help in warming up our bedroom and make it feel more homey.  They look black but are actually a deep, rich gray.  I can’t wait!!!

ritva curtains

5.  Post about a few things that I’m WAY behind on:

-Show off our flooring

-Show you what we’ve accomplished in our bedroom (set up a bed, put in a dresser and a rug, installed bamboo blinds- not much but better than nothing)

-Show you our new living room furniture, which by the way we are loving!!

I know this last hope is more of a blog hope than a home hope but I really want to show off our home as we go.  I don’t want to only show you guys the pretty “end” results.  If that were the case, I might not ever write another blog post again because you’re never really done 🙂

I’ll just be honest and let you know that I’m nervous about meeting these hopes.  I know I said I wouldn’t stress but I know myself.  Sometimes I need to put a little pressure on myself to get things done.  Even though we both work full time and there are only two free weekends in the month of March when we don’t have something going on, I think we can get these hopes done… or mostly done.  Plus, we’ve got a baby coming in 4 months so we need to get on the ball!!!

Are you going to set any hopes for the month of March? You should!  It’s always such a good feeling to get STUFF done.  Leave a comment below and tell me what your hopes are for March.


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