Little Man’s Room

Geez… I think I’m really overthinking this whole nursery thing.  Sometimes I’ll say to J.C., “I’ve been thinking…” and he immediately says, “Uh-oh…”  I get to thinking too much and come up with wild ideas that normally involve more work for him.  And the fact that I can’t make a solid decision right now is not helping at all.  Basically what I’m trying to say is that I’m having a really hard time coming up with solid ideas for little man’s room.

I do know a couple of things…

1).  I really like this chair!

tufted nailhead rocker target

I shared a bunch of different rocker options with you guys here and this is probably my favorite.

2).  I want to incorporate blue.  One reason being because this chair is a bluish-gray color.  The other reason is because J.C. did a really pretty painting in college that has blues in it and I want it to be featured in little man’s room.

3).  There will be a Jenny Lind style crib and changing table in there but I don’t know what color they will be… just another decision I have to make  😥

Before we knew we were expecting a baby, I found this fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby and bought 2 yards of it to use in our guest room in some shape, form, or fashion.

nursery fabric

Well, I still really like it and the colors and think it reads “little boy”… but (there’s always a but) I’m not sure how I would use the fabric.  I wouldn’t be good for bedding and there isn’t enough for curtains.  Maybe a pillow for the chair or a crib skirt?!

But then I ask myself if it’s ridiculous that I’m trying to base his whole nursery off of some clearance fabric just because I have it?!  Do you see my dilemma people?!  Somebody help me!  So, while I was being all indecisive, I threw together these little mood boards and added a few different yellow rug options in there because I like yellow too.  It’s cheerful, fun and there’s some yellow in the fabric.

nursery rug2

That rug is so pretty but I’m not sure how well it would hold up to a little boy with that white in there.  And how fun is that deer fabric?  It’s from and can be found here.  I can see me using it as a changing pad cover or maybe for a crib skirt.

Here’s another rug but I’m not sure if it’s “masculine enough”…

nursery rug1

I love the rug, but is it suitable for a baby boy nursery?!  OH heck, will he even care?  He won’t even be able to see it for the first few months of his life because they can’t see that far past their face.  Do you see how I’m taking all of this WAY too seriously?  Somebody please just call some help already!

If you are still reading and didn’t get royally confused, please please please leave me a comment below and tell me what to do in this nursery.  Do you like the blue and yellow?  What about the deer fabric?  And should I just burn that clearance Hobby Lobby fabric and start from scratch? Or should I just get over myself because the baby will love me anyway?  That sounds like a plan to me 🙂


5 thoughts on “Little Man’s Room

  1. oooh, I love the rug in that second moodboard. I think blue and yellow is perfect for a little boy’s room. Don’t stress yourself out too much about decorating the room because your little one won’t even notice for another year or so.

  2. Pat yourself on the back…these mood boards look great! Just start plopping things in the room and you will know which direction to go. He’ll love the room because he won’t know any different. You will love it because he’ll be in it. And you might change it all in a few years once his personality shines through…but you’ll probably keep all the pieces you really love. Nurseries are never really wrong 🙂 Happy Decorating! xo

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  4. Hey sweetie! You get your indecisiveness from your momma, sorry! But here’s what I would do: start with your “for sures” and put aside the rest, for now. Look at the art you plan to use and picture the rocker with it. Pick a rug that complements the art and rocker and will camouflage dirt and stains (as well as any could?) You have two brothers, so I don’t have to tell you how little boys manufacture dirt! Don’t do like yo momma and get hung up on a single piece of fabric because you already have it. Choose your faves and don’t allow the fabric or anything else to trump them. I’m going to need you to give me this same advice in a few months, so keep this comment handy 🙂 Love, mom

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