February Hopes Update

At the beginning of the year, I knew we had a big to-do list of things we would need to accomplish.  At the same time, I didn’t want to stress out.  So, instead of setting New Year’s resolutions or goals, I came up with some “hopes.”  I shared with you my January Hopes and my January Hopes Update.  We didn’t do so hot in January so I set some easier, more attainable hopes for February.  And guess what you guys?!  We met 4 of them!  So, here’s what went down.

(My original hopes will be in bold and the update will be in regular text.)

1.  Get the overhead lighting (two pendants, one chandelier) and ventilation fan/recessed light installed in our master bathroom.  Ok, so since that’s 4 lights in total we will call this hope 75% completed.  J.C. was in the attic for like 3 hours or so and was really hot and tired and completely covered in fiberglass insulation, so we were good to get 3 out of 4 done.  You can visit this post to see our process.  The proof is in the puddin’…


FYI- I can now see that I have eyebriars eyebrows… ok… they are more like briars.

2.  Get the quarter round installed in the living room.  So I guess we will have to give ourselves a “F” on this one for the second month in a row.  I could make excuses like the weather has been bad and it gets dark early but I’ll just say we didn’t get it done.  Sorry… but not really! 

3.  Hang the bamboo blinds in the living room.  Yes this happened (thanks to my handy husband) while I was cooking dinner one night.  I promise to post about it real soon.  And guess what?!  They are completely see-thru and he is so completely not down with that so now we need curtains too.  But don’t feel sorry for me… I love a good excuse to shop 🙂

4.  Get the front bathroom tile work started and completed.  This actually won’t be done by us, but contracted out.  The same guy that laid our flooring (which I’ve yet to show you because I’m a bad blogger) and the tile in our master bathroom will be completing the job.  We need to put a little bit of Quikcrete around the shower drain and then he can start the job.  If that concrete doesn’t get poured this month somebody (no names… J.C.) is going to get hurt.  Sorry honey.  I left all of this info here for a reason.  Our only “to-do” was to get the concrete poured around the shower drain and J.C. delivered.  A day later I contacted our tile guy.  Bad news is that he’s a month out on work and won’t be able to get to us for at least that long.  Whomp-whomp.  At least we got our end of the deal done.

5.  Caulk around our kitchen sink.  We get an A+ on this one.  Not only did we silicone (I said caulk before but I was wrong) around the sink, we also sealed up some cracks on the edges of the sink with caulk (yes, actual caulk).  Here’s the deets on all of that and a few pictures to go with…




It feels SO nice to know that we got some things accomplished around here this past month.  Those aren’t the only projects we did, but the ones that made it to the “list”.  Do you set any hopes for February?  Did you achieve the hopes?  Leave a comment below to tell me if you are joining in on the fun.  Oh and I’ll be back soon with our March Hopes.

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