Monthly Merchant: Canton Trade Days

Back in September, I had really good hopes to start a new series called Monthly Merchant.  I wanted to visit a different merchant each month and highlight some of their products, talk about prices, tricks of the trade, etc.  Well, life happened and after September, I didn’t do another one… until now.  I actually bought a bunch of our Christmas gifts online so I technically didn’t visit a lot of “in the store” merchants.  Of course I’ve shopped since September, but I don’t always feel like shopping and doing blog stuff at the same time.  Click here to visit the Monthly Merchant for September.

I had to travel to Texas for work back in January.  On the way home, we planned to stop in Canton, TX.  Please tell me you know what and where Canton, TX is?!  It’s the world famous Canton Trade Days.  They have them on the weekend before the first Monday of every month.  Here’s are two different websites that are super informational, Canton Trade Days and First Monday Trade Days. It’s a t-total blast and you SO need to go.  Well, unless you don’t like walking or shopping, then you should probably steer clear.

I figured I would document our trip and show you some things I found that I liked, a few things that reminded me of my “imaginary” blog friends, and some things that were a little questionable.  Surprisingly enough, I don’t even have photos of the things I bought, but they are for the baby’s room so you’ll see them eventually.

Right off the bat, I spotted this bamboo table and mirror set.  I’m not sure if I could make the mirror work, but I know the table would look really good spray painted in a fun color.  Or maybe glossy black?!

bamboo table

It was only $55 for the set which I didn’t think was too bad.  I think Emily from Emily A. Clark could make this look awesome!

In the same little metal building, there was this really creepy ventriloquist doll.  My mom said they were pretty popular back in the day.  It basically freaked me out.  And I definitely wouldn’t have paid $45 for it  😉


Apparently he was a “super kid”… his mom must have felt bad for him.  Haha!

After looking in a few of the indoor spaces, we hit the dirt vendors.  They have everything under the sun and are always willing to deal a little.  Right off the bat, I spied these spindles that looked just like ones Marian from Miss Mustard Seed could use to paint with her milk paint.  The painted ones were $6 each and the wooden ones were $4 each.



In the same booth I found something that’s pretty hot in home décor right now… horns.  It’s kind of funny because where I live hunting is a very popular activity, but I don’t really want a deer head hanging on my wall; on the other hand, everybody and their momma are PAYING for horns and spray painting them and hanging in their homes.  Isn’t that kind of ironic?  These were about $35 for the set.


Around the corner I spotted this very beautiful cabinet.  It also reminded me of Miss Mustard Seed.  I’m no furniture expert, but I’m pretty sure this piece was original, not a reproduction.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t marked with a price.


This pretty little chest is so cute and was marked down from $95 to $75, which is a steal if you ask me.


I loved this print.  It looked pretty old and was only $10.  It would have needed a new frame but would have been perfect for little man’s nursery.  We didn’t know whether or not we were having a boy or girl, so I didn’t buy it.

rabbit print

On another note, my mother thought it would be a good idea to purchase a goat while we were there.  Yes, a goat.  Need I remind you that we were 4 hours away from home and had to get said goat back home.  She purchased him for $20, put him in our buggy, named him Kramer, and brought his happy little butt home.  Don’t they make the perfect pair?!

mom and kramer

There was this desk that had been redone that was so striking.  The top had an inlay and a pattern in the  wood.  The only letdown was that they were asking $325.  That may have been a fair price, but not what I would have paid.

table canton

We left the dirt vendors and went into what they call the civic center.  I turned the corner and found this awful little thing.  It’s a monkey that is supposed to look and feel like a human baby.  It was so scary and would surely freak a little kid out.  And $35?  Please, you couldn’t pay me to take this thang!

monkey baby

We only got to shop for one day and it gets dark kind of early this time of year, so we didn’t cover a ton of ground.  It takes a good 2 or 3 days to see it all.  You can start shopping on Thursday and go through Sunday.  If you want to get some hard core shopping done, that’s what I suggest.  And the best deals can be found on the last day.  The vendors are heading home and don’t want to take everything they came with.  I actually like to go when it’s warmer, hot even.  I’m just too much of a wimp to shop for 3 or 4 days in the cold.  I’m ready to go back!

So, have you ever been to Canton?  These pictures aren’t a good representation of the whole place.  I didn’t even mention what they call Dog Alley.  OMG, if you like cute puppies just be aware.  You will die!  There are cute baby animals for miles… and they are all for sale.  When you get a trip cooked up, call me and I’ll be your tour guide.















One thought on “Monthly Merchant: Canton Trade Days

  1. Hey, I loved this blog! Probably because it had my photo in it! Lol Didn’t we have a great time?!!!! Reading the blog and seeing the photos makes me want to go back- I’m ready!!! My little goat is doing well, but he’s tired of the snow and ice and is ready for spring! Love you, Momma 🙂

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