Feeling Antsy…

Hello all!!  I told you about 2 to 3 weeks ago that I would be posting more… and this is my first post in a week.  Monday and Tuesday I had after work engagements to 8:30 both evenings and then church on Wednesday night.  Then last night I was super pooped but tried to finish a blog post anyways.  For some reason our wireless was wonky so I didn’t get to finish in time for a morning post.  How about 7 pm instead?!

I’ve been feeling really antsy lately to freshen up a certain space in our house and the great thing is that it won’t take very long for me get the project done.  I like projects like that.  Plus, I already have the paint that I would need so we could kind of call it free?!  Right?!  🙂

After living in the house again for almost two months (we moved in with family for four months during some major renos), we still aren’t using our living room.  Currently, there is a bar cart that I plan on using on our patio for storage, planting, etc. and a double vanity for the front bathroom sitting in the middle of the living room.  Plus our furniture still hasn’t arrived.  So, needless to say, the living room is out of commission.

On the other hand, it’s the heart of our home and I still look at it every day.  And there’s still a nice sized eyesore in there that I’m ITCHING to make a small change to.  The fireplace! If you’ll remember, this is what our living room looked like prior to some major renovations.


And here is how’s it looking now (minus the flooring )…


The more I look at that fireplace each time I walk by, the LESS I like it.  Is that bad?  I’m sorry if it is.  I just don’t love the color of the brick.  Neither of us do actually.  It’s the same brick that’s on the outside of the house and we’ve been contemplating painting or covering it with siding because it just isn’t our style.

This fireplace will get a snazzy makeover sometime in the future but I’m just ready for it to look different already.  Like yesterday!  I shared some living rooms that we like in a post a while back… just click here.  In case you are too lazy to “just click here” this is what we like:

inspiration living room 2


I really can’t wait until we can either plank the fireplace or add tons of moulding and change the look up completely… but until then, I’m thinking of painting the whole thing the same color.  Please don’t freak out!  We painted our fireplace in our previous home and actually loved it.

With my FINE Photoshop skills I’ve put together three different options for you guys and need you to vote at the bottom on which one you like the most.  I’m going to keep my favorite a secret so that I won’t sway your opinion.  And don’t make fun or laugh at how ridiculous these mock-ups look.  🙂


This option would be painted in Snowbound, which is the color of all of our trim in the house, as well as the kitchen cabinets.


This option would be painted in Sealskin, which is the color of the interior doors that I’ve gotten around to painting.


This last option would be painted in Peppercorn, which is the color we used in our master bathroom.  Need I remind you that we just purchased two creamy colored couches and two caramel brown leather chairs.  Keep that in mind when you vote!

So, do you think I’m crazy for wanting to paint the brick?  It seems that there aren’t any people on the fence about painting brick.  They say “heck no don’t ever paint brick” or “go for it!”  And if you are wondering how we could tie painted brick into our future fireplace plans, this is what I’m thinking…


Here’s the before and after side by side…


What a HUGE difference, right?!  This work was done by Traci over at Beneath My Heart and just love what she did.  To see a step-by-step, click here for the detailed post.

Ok, it’s now time to vote.  Let me know if you like the Snowbound (white), Sealskin (almost black), Peppercorn (bluish, grayish) or none of the above.  And now I just need to get J.C. out of the house for a little bit so I can do it and when he walks in the door, I can say “SURPRISE!!!”






3 thoughts on “Feeling Antsy…

  1. What do you think about trying to white wash the brick first, to still have variation in color, and still have the look of traditional brick. And I think it would be “French country modern” to fit with your rustic beam and your color schemes. But…. If that doesn’t work….. Painting it solid color would cover up everything… And I’m thinking peppercorn! No doubt if you paint solid 😉

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