February Hopes

Well, February is finally here.  In less than 10 days, it will be Valentine’s Day!  Can you believe it?  Times flies as you get older.  Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans with your honey?!  We don’t have any plans yet, but probably will do something.  Also in February, I’m setting more hopes, like I did in January.  We (I) didn’t fare well last month, but here’s to February!  So, here goes…

1.  Get the overhead lighting (two pendants, one chandelier) and ventilation fan/recessed light installed in our master bathroom.  I’ve been putting on my makeup in the dark for over a month now.  If you’ve run into me at any point since December 26th and I resembled a “working girl”… well… I’m sorry.  It’s because I put my makeup on by lamplight.  We hope to tackle this project THIS weekend if J.C. isn’t working.  Somebody please pray he isn’t working 🙂

Here’s the moodboard for that room just in case you are wondering about the fixtures:

bathback moodboard copy

2.  Get the quarter round installed in the living room.  Our furniture should arrive in less than a week and it would be nice to have that done before we put everything in the living room.  It takes little to no effort to do it… just need to find the time!  I should be able to set it up this weekend across some saw horses and get it painted at least.  The weather is supposed to be nice, so there won’t be any better timing!

3.  Hang the bamboo blinds in the living room.  I had these blinds cut to fit at Lowe’s a bazillion years ago (dramatic, I know) and they need to be installed.  It will help make the room feel more homey and also give us some privacy when we want/need it.  We purchased the Levelor light filtering bamboo blinds in Fruitwood for both our master bedroom and living room, that way they would look uniform across the front of the house from the outside view.  Click on the picture below for more details, pricing, etc.


4.  Get the front bathroom tile work started and completed.  This actually won’t be done by us, but contracted out.  The same guy that laid our flooring (which I’ve yet to show you because I’m a bad blogger) and the tile in our master bathroom will be completing the job.  We need to put a little bit of Quikcrete around the shower drain and then he can start the job.  If that concrete doesn’t get poured this month somebody (no names… J.C.) is going to get hurt.  Sorry honey 🙂

5.  Caulk around our kitchen sink.  The farmhouse sink is an undermount… and it’s mounted under wood.  So, where the little bitty tiny crack is needs to be sealed up so water can’t get in there.  We’ve been babying it and drying off around the sink every time we use it and that’s getting old!  See where the tape is in the photo below?  That’s where the caulk will need to go.


This list doesn’t seem near as lofty as last month’s list.  I was a little delusional by setting some high hopes… it was probably the first trimester pregnancy brain.  While setting February’s hopes, I tried to be reasonable with myself and the amount of free time that we have… which isn’t a ton seeing that we both have day jobs, among other things.  And I think that last sentence was a run-on sentence.  OH well 🙂

So, are you with me this month?  You setting any hopes?  I sure hope that you will!  It’s a good feeling to get some of those “to-dos” on paper… well… digital paper that is!  Do you do well when you write something down?  I’m more than likely to get something done when I’ve written it down (or typed it out).  I hope to give you a very nice report at the end of this month!  Let’s have a fun, productive February.


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